Camping at Soboth Stausee – Vanlife in Austria

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Soboth Stausee is an artificial reservoir with water, which is kept in place by a dam. It doesn’t look artificial at all and we loved spending a few nights here. In fact, we put this place on our list each time we cross through Austria. It’s a wonderful place, especially in the low season!

The Soboth Stausee is a beautiful quiet place to spend a few nights when traveling through Austria by campervan.

So far, we have only visited this place during the low season, when there were not too many other travelers around.

There are a few RV pitches, but when we were there, those were occupied by big RVs.

We just parked along with another van in one of the parking places a bit further. We parked behind a big rock and we were barely visible from the RV park. I’m not sure if it’s allowed to spend the night here for free in high season, but during the rest of the year, nobody really cares.

Soboth Stausee is a must-visit camper place in Austria as you like being in nature, enjoying the mountains, and love a good hike in nature.

We only wanted to stay longer!

Camping at Soboth Stausee - Vanlife in Austria
Soboth Stausee Camper spot
Soboth Stausee Camper spot



Yes - free of charge

Are you already filtering water for drinking? With a water filtering system, you no longer have to buy bottled water and you can go off grid longer!


Not sure about this

Also, disconnect from the power grid with a big battery bank and a solar panel. We use the Ecoflow Delta battery and 2 solar panels to charge our electronic devices.

Trash cans


And more



Some camp sites have toilets, but they’re not always open at night or off season. Build your own van toilet and always have a place to go. We built a Trobolo composting toilet in our van.

Black Water

Not sure about this

Don’t want to search for black water disposal all the time? Build your own composting toilet and become a happy camper, like we are!

Gray Water


In short

🚰   🥾 🌲

Where to find it

Stausee Soboth Austria
8554 Soboth, Oostenrijk


17€ between 16 April and 16 October – Otherwise free

Hiking options

Soboth Stausee offers quite some hiking options.

If you’re in good shape, you can wonder off into the surrounding mountains straight away.

We started out in a not so fantastic shape and decided to stick to the road, which was also very quiet. You can walk around a good part of the lake, but not entirely, as the road forks away from the lake.

The forest surrounding the lake is bulking with great hiking trails. You can actually get into the woods a few meters from the camper spot, but the trail goes straight up, up, up. Good luck with that 🙂

Hiking at Soboth Stausee

Is it dog-friendly?

This place is very dog-friendly.

Dogs aren’t allowed on the “beach” and sunbathing area right in front of the lake.

But there are plenty of other options for you and your four-legged friend.

There are quite a few really nice hikes.

But, also, for the late-night and early morning droppings, it’s quite easy to get to some free land pretty quickly!

Soboth Stausee Dog-friendly

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