Camper place Stella Plage – Haute de France

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Stella Plage is a sleepy beach town in the North of France. When the weather is good, this camper place is a great spot to relax and enjoy the beach for a few days.

We enjoyed this camper place in the North of France a lot, as it has a great holiday vibe. Kick off your shoes and prepare to get your van filled up with white beach sand. 

The camper place itself is located behind the dunes. So, you don’t have direct beach acces, but it does have a beach vibe though. 

There are 20 parking sports for campers or RV’s. All of these places were taken when we arrived, but then we discovered the parking places further on. Apparently, campervans can stay overnight in the parking spaces behind the actual camper place. We spent a few nights there. A police car passed by multiple times a day and didn’t bother us. They did send away RV’s that were in the parking spots, so it’s really only vans or ‘cars’ that can be in these spots.

Stella Plage painting
Stella Plage
Camper place Stella Plage - Haute de France



Yes - paid

Are you already filtering water for drinking? With a water filtering system, you no longer have to buy bottled water and you can go off grid longer!


Yes - paid

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Some camp sites have toilets, but they’re not always open at night or off season. Build your own van toilet and always have a place to go. We built a Trobolo composting toilet in our van.

Black Water


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Gray Water


In short

🚰 🏖 🦶

Where to find it

1-259 Cr des Champs Elysées, 62780 Cucq, France


Free of charge – all year – Spots fill up pretty fast!

Hiking options

Stella Plage probably offers quite a few walking and hiking possibilities. 

I must admit that we only went for walks on the beach, which was perfect for us.

You can walk to the beach in town. Then, you can easily walk away from the town. There are a few nearby towns you can see, but we never walked that far. We just wandered in the area, which is perfect for a beach holiday for us!

Is it dog-friendly?

Stella Plage is a dog-friendly beach in France, which is something to be happy about! A lot of beaches in France have a prohibition sign for dogs. So, Stella Plage is a good place to go with your dog.

The camper place itself also has enough options to take your dog outside for early morning and late-night droppings.

We did notice some dog poop lying around. This is a shame. There are enough trash cans available to clean up.

Stella Plage dog friendly

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