Camper place Sankt Anna am Aigen Austria

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The camper parking in Sankt Anna Am Aigen has almost everything you might wish for! We were very pleased when we drove up this parking spot! It’s an absolutely lovely parking place with a great location, stunning views, and all the amenities you need while doing vanlife in Austria.

The camper place is just minutes away from the town centre. It’s quite an urban place to stay. Depending on your travel style, that might come in handy. If you’re traveling with an hyper active dog, it’s different 🙂 

For us, that means this is a great place to stay for a short period, like 2 or 3 nights max.

Camper parking Sankt Anna am Aigen
Weinweg hike Styria Austria
Camper place Sankt Anna am Aigen Austria



Yes - Free of charge

Are you already filtering water for drinking? With a water filtering system, you no longer have to buy bottled water and you can go off grid longer!


Yes - Free of charge

Also, disconnect from the power grid with a big battery bank and a solar panel. We use the Ecoflow Delta battery and 2 solar panels to charge our electronic devices.

Trash cans


And more


Yes - Heated and free of charge

Some camp sites have toilets, but they’re not always open at night or off season. Build your own van toilet and always have a place to go. We built a Trobolo composting toilet in our van.

Black Water


Don’t want to search for black water disposal all the time? Build your own composting toilet and become a happy camper, like we are!

Gray Water


In short

🚰   🥾  🏘

Where to find it

Marktstraße 31, 8354 Plesch, Oostenrijk


You can stay here for free!

Hiking options

Sankt Anna Am Aigen offers beautiful hiking options. 

A short walk through the town takes you to the iconic Weinweg hike. The Wine route takes you through the wine fields and it’s not a hike for beginners. 

The hike goes up and down a lot, but the scenery is just magical. Along the way, there are a lot of stations where you can buy local wine. However, it’s not the best idea to get drunk along the way, because the entire hike is around 14km. 

Read more about the Weinweg on the official website.

Wine route hike in Sankt Anna am Aigen

Is it dog-friendly?

As there is a very beautiful hike near the camper place, this camper place is quite dog friendly.

But… The parking itself is not.

There’s not really a good place where you can go for the early morning and late night droppings. But, it’s doable. 

For us, we thought it was a great place for a night or 2. If the place is located in the middle of nature, we love to stay longer. This place is really more urban. You’re minutes away from the town centre.

Weinweg hike Sankt Anna am Aigen

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