There are a lot of fellow travel bloggers out there.

Being a blogger involves a lot of reading and checking on your blogging peers.

Here’s a list of our favorites.

Our Fellow Bloggers - Travel bloggers

The Expert Vagabond

Matt, the Expert Vagabond is an adventure travel blogger. His website is bulking with adventure stories and great photography to inspire you.

Monkey Steals Peach

Monkey Steals Peach tells the inspiring story of a young Brit who decided to leave Europe to study martial arts in China. While traveling in Asia for over a decade, Will has learned all about the Chinese culture and made his way into the realms of ancient martial arts.

Aaron Teoh

Aaron is a Singapore based travel writer. He works full time and roams the earth during his holidays. On this website, you can find information about different destinations, like China or Lapland. Interesting read!


TravelBliss is an inspiring website about finding bliss through travel. Maria writes about destinations, tips, tricks and inspirational posts.

The Traveling Traveler

The Traveling Traveler is a travel blog, written by a traveling healthcare professional. Julie travels in between assignments and works all over the States for different jobs. A great resourceful website for traveling professionals.

Wandering Earl

Earl has been traveling since 1999 and still is. He’s currently selling small group tours to his followers. This website has been around since the very beginning of my wanderlust.

Matador Network

More of a network than one travel blogger, but it has a lot of interesting stories and articles. Matador Network is a great resource which even allows you to contribute.

Wet Noses Escapades

Wet Noses Escapades is a specialty blog for dog lovers about travel. It’s a Yorkie’s guide to healthy travel. Think out of the box and read all the adventures of Roger the Yorkie.

Always a Gringa

Always a Gringa is a travel and expat blog featuring travel tips and stories about expat life.

Hawaiian Brian

Hawaiian Brian is a US based travel blogger. He has been traveling over the past decade and wants to share his experiences with the world.

Goats on the road

Nick and Dariece are a Canadian couple who changed their life from boring to adventurous. They travel full time while sharing their experiences on their website. Learn how to earn money on the road and travel on a budget.

The Planet D

Dave and Deb from the Planet D blog about adventure travel. They also share details about how they grew as a travel blog. As former video producers, you can already guess they have quit a few videos.

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