Best LGBTQ+ pride events in Europe

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So, we used to have a neat LGBTQ+ pride calendar for Europe for the last few years. 

This year we decided to publish a list of the best LGBTQ+ marches and events to attend in Europe. 

Europe is full of pride and there will definitely be some cool LGBT pride events in Europe this year! 

European pride events that are happening in Europe will be the epicentre of joy and community love! So, if you can make it, make sure to attend at least one of these festive community events! Spread the love, because love is love!

These are the very best Pride events in Europe!

Madrid Pride

A few years ago, Madrid pride was the place to be as it was the host for Europride in 2019. We attended Madrid Pride that year and it was one hell of a party. If you ever get the chance to visit the Pride event in Madrid, don’t think twice: just do it!

In Madrid, Pride parties are spread all over this beautiful city. Expect to be basking in the tropical sun while enjoying parties on each and every square in the city. While you’re there, take some time to discover the city!

When: Usually in the beginning of July

Check out their official website 

Brussels Pride

The Belgian Pride in Brussels in usually one of the first events in Europe. it takes place in the second half of May and it’s an amazing party in the streets of Brussels. The party lasts an entire weekend. You can walk together with the rest of the community or just walk the streets of the capital and watch the march go by. 

The Mont des Arts is the place where everyone gathers and you can enjoy a massive street party. There’s even a dedicated square, just for women. Of course, everyone can visit the women square! Looking for the best pride in Europe? This might be it 🙂 

When you’re in Brussels, don’t forget to explore the city or join an epic beer tour.

When: the second half of May

Check out their official website 

Best pride in Europe

Helsinki Pride

Helsinki Pride is one of the largest LGBTQ+ events in Finland throughout the year. Scandinavian countries are known for their hospitality and LGBTQ inclusivity. Finland is a very welcoming country and you will feel the love as soon as you set foot in this beautiful country.

The cultural program is filled in with events from a variety of LGBTQ organisers.So, there’s a lot to see and due during Pride Week in Helsinki. There will be discussion events, but you can also expect quite a few memorable parties during and after the march.

When: End of June – beginning of July

Check out the official website 


You can also find LGBTQ+ pride in Iceland! Reykjavik hosts the largest LGBTQ+ event in Iceland each year. Even though the island is a little more separate from the mainland, you can still find a decent pride party over there!

The events in Reykjavik last for over a week, with the summit on Parade day. Different setting are being used for different events. So, there will be things to see and do in multiple locations across the island. Actually, you can attend quite a few small parades all around the country. Of course, the main event is held in the streets of the capital Reykjavik. 

There are a lot of cultural and discussion events, but a massive street party is the perfect way to gather people from all of the world in order to share the love!

When: Beginning of August

Check out the official website 

Paris Pride

France has a lot to offer: dozens of beautiful cities and stunning rural areas. Each of the larger cities hosts its own local pride event, the largest of which is held in the capital Paris. France hosts events in Rouen, Bordeaux, Orleans, Metz, Lyon, Marseille, and a few other locations. You can easily spend all summer in France and enjoy the different events in each location!

During Pride month in Paris, there’s a lesbian and feminist film festival and an LGBTQ+ film festival. So, film lovers will have an interesting time in the capital of France! Aside from film, there’s a lot more to see and do for queer people in Paris. 

Don’t forget to check out the calendar on the official website. It shows events for different cities and separate events in each location!

When: End of June – Rest of the summer

Check out the official website! 

Pride in Europe

Stockholm Pride

Stockholm organises the largest LGBTQ+ event in Sweden each year. And this year is no different. Sweden is also a part of the Scandinavian peninsula and this happens to be a very interesting region to visit, especially as an LGBTQ+ traveler.

Sweden is a super welcoming place for LGBTQ+, so attending pride in Stockholm is bound to be a success! The events last for an entire week, with the highlight during the pride march. There will be a fair, a parade, a digital version of the event, and of course: parties all over the city!

When: Beginning of August

Check out the official website 

Oslo Pride

Oslo Pride is still the largest transgender, lesbian, and gay pride in Norway. And the event is not exclusively for L,G, and T visitors, of course. Everyone in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond is welcome to join for this massive celebration of diversity.

Oslo is celebrating love during a 10-day festival in June each year. The actual March is happening on the last day and it is the big highlight of the festival. Oslo has a sublime location by the water and they beautifully integrate that location into the event. 

Pride House is the location of the Art exhibit and there will be possibilities to engage into the LGBT scene or gain information. 

When: June

Check out the official website 

Milan Pride

Milan Pride is the largest LGBT event in the North of Italy. A few years ago, over 250 thousand visitors attended the LGBTQ+ Parade in Milan and this year they’re even expecting more visitors.

Usually, during the LGBTQ event Week, visitors can attend workshops, movies, theatre performances, parties, and other LGBT activities, like Miss Drag queen or Mister Gay North Italy.

When: End of June

Check out the official website

Vienna Pride

In 2019, Vienna was the host of the EuroPride Festival. For the 19th time, Vienna organizes an annual Pride Parade and this year it promises to be bigger and better than any other year! Vienna was already the host for EuroPride in 2001 and 2019 and it proved to be a big success. 

With a motto ‘Visions of Pride’, Vienna invites all visitors to think about their personal vision on things in life, especially their pride.

The Pride Week in Vienna actually lasts 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, people can visit the rainbow village at the Town Hall Square where tons of activities are organized. The big bang of the actual Rainbow Parade takes place on the last day.

Vienna is a beautiful city to visit. We visited Vienna for 3 days and had the best time!

When: June

Check out the official website 

Amsterdam Pride

Each year, Amsterdam hosts the Canal Pride, which is a unique event in Europe. Rainbow coloured ships float on the picturesque canals throughout the city and you won’t have to search for a party. In Amsterdam, the party is everywhere. Expect to feel the love and be surrounded by partying people! For this event, Amsterdam is soaked in rainbow colours!

Amsterdam is one of these cities that everybody dreams about. You have to go there at least once in your life, just because it is that amazing!

Amsterdam Pride is a little different than the other LGBT events we already listed. That’s because Amsterdam features a Canal Pride on the hundreds of canals that run through the city centre.

CanalPride in Amsterdam is happening in August, but there’s more to see and do in Amsterdam during Pride Week!

Visit the Pride Park or walk during the Rainbow Walk. Or maybe you can attend one of the many street parties! Another nice extra in Amsterdam, is the open-air cinema where you can watch an LGBTQ+ movie together with thousands of people!

When: End of July – Beginning of August

Check out the official website

Amsterdam Pride

Dublin Pride

Dublin LGBT Pride takes place in June each year. Starting off with an entire Pride week in June and ending with a huge LGBT Pride March. During Pride week, other events are organized, like a 5K Pride Run and various performances and speeches. 

The Parade will start marching on one of the last days of the event. There will be music and parties going on until 2 o’clock the next morning.

As one of the largest yearly events in Dublin, the LGBT Pride event is bound to be successful. So if you want to walk together with tens of thousands of LGBT and their allies, Dublin is waiting for you to join the forces!

When: Summer pride in June and Winter event in November

Check out the official website 

Prague Pride

Prague Pride was first organized in 2011 and it has done nothing but expand each year. This year promises to be even bigger and better. A few years ago, 92 thousand people visited Prague for this massive LGBTQ+ Festival and 40 thousand people marched in the Parade. Will you be one of them this year?

The capital of the Czech Republic is an awesome city trip destination. Why wouldn’t you arrange your travel dates accordingly? Now, Prague has an entire LGBT Rainbow Week planned out. The event starts in the beginning of August. 

When: August

Check out the official website 


Each year, Rome organizes an LGBT+ Pride event in the ancient streets of this fabulous city. As Rome should be on every travel wish list ever, why not visit this interesting city during the Pride festival? 

Rome Pride is one of the Great European LGBTQ+ events. Even though they haven’t published their complete calendar yet, there will be tons of events and activities you can attend in the capital of Italy during this years event!

When: June

Check out the official website

Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen Pride usually happens in August. The Event Week program includes loads of free activities like concerts, workshops, parties, seminars, and other fun activities.

The actual LGBTQ+ Rainbow Parade happens on one of the last days. The parade starts marching at the Fredriksberg Town Hall and finished a few hours later at the Copenhagen City Hall Square, where the parties continues.

Good to know: In 2021, Copenhagen is the WordPride host. Expect this event to be a massive celebration!

When: August

Check out the official website 

Baltic Pride

Each year, the Baltic Pride moves to a different Baltic capital. The three cities where events take place, are: Riga, Vilnius, and Tallinn. The concept of switching between cities is awesome and it’s a great reason to visit the Baltic Pride a few times, so you get to discover different cities each year!

During the Baltic Pride, you get a chance to engage in workshops and attend different performances and activities. 

When: Beginning of August

Check out the official website 

Best LGBTQ+ pride events in Europe

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Spread the love at the best pride in Europe

Today is the best day to start spreading LGBTQ+ community love in real life! Get off the internet and venture out into the real world. European LGBTQ+ pride events are the very best place to do so!

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