Best Hostels in Tulum – Find the best match for your trip here!

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What we talk about in this article

Tulum beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it’s one of the reasons that travelers love Tulum Mexico so much! Aside from the beach, you can also visit the beachfront Mayan ruins and take a dive in the ocean right at the Mayan site.

On top of that, there are a lot more interesting things to see and do in this amazing region in the Mexican Riviera Maya. But this guide will mainly serve to help you find the best places to stay in Tulum!

We gathered a list of the very best hostels in Tulum, which are mostly located in Tulum pueblo. Since we know loads of backpackers are searching for nice Tulum hostels on the beach, we added a part about this subject too. And at the bottom of this article, we added a small explanation about your two options for the best area to stay in Tulum.

So if you’re wondering where to stay in Tulum: search no further, just scroll!

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Best Hostels in Tulum

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Hostel Lum

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Amorcito Corazon

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

El jardin de Frida

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Lucky Traveler

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Hostel Che Tulum

Best Tulum hostels on the beach

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!

Chavez Eco Beach Camping

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!

Zazil kin Beach Cabanas

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!

Tita Tulum Beach Cabana

Best hostels in Tulum Pueblo

Hostel Lum – Best hostel in Tulum

Lum Hostel is the best hostel in Tulum for backpackers.

There’s a communal kitchen you can use and an on-site bar. The bar closes at 23h, so you can still get a good night sleep. Want to have a party? There are tons of bars nearby that stay open way longer!

Lum Hostel is neat and clean and travelers absolutely love it! Breakfast is not included, but there are bikes that you can use for free! Most days you can engage with other travelers during fun activities, organized by the hostel.

In this hostel, you can get a private room, as well as pod style dorm beds.

Amorcito Corazon – The Best hostel for couples

Amorcito Corazon is a beautiful and environmental-friendly hostel in the center of Tulum Pueblo. The hostel is very close to the ADO bus terminal and the center of town, where all the shops, bars, and restaurants are.

The place has a nice garden with swimming pool and seating area. You can use the communal kitchen and there’s a free breakfast served in the morning.

Beds in this hostel are super comfy and the place is very clean!

In Amorcito Corazon, you can book beds in dorms or private rooms.

El Jardin de Frida – Best eco-hostel in Tulum

Jardin the Frida Eco Poshtel is an ecological hostel on the main street in Tulum Pueblo. The place has a nice and cozy garden where you can hang out with the other guests.

This hostel is a quiet hostel where you can expect to get a good night of sleep without loud parties at night.

Each morning, free breakfast is included and we heard it’s one of the best in Tulum. For other meals, you can check out the on-site restaurant, but you can also find loads of bars and restaurants nearby.

In El Jardin de Frida, you can book a bed in a dorm or a private room.

Lucky Traveler – All inclusive hostel in Tulum

The Lucky Traveler Hostel in Tulum is an all-inclusive experience. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an all-inclusive price. So prices are slightly higher, but you get a lot in return.

Drinks at the bar and drinks at the beach are also included in the formula. At noon, one of the people from the hostel takes a large cooler to the beach and all the hostel guest can get beers out of the cooler! Perfect, I must admit!

The Lucky Traveler also has a swimming pool and a bar where music is played until 1 AM. They were doing expansion works when we were there, so we’re curious to see what changes there might be by now.

Lucky Traveler hostel is located outside of the center of Tulum, right across the road to the ruins. So the walk into town is slightly longer. They do have bikes available for free though.

You can book dorm beds, as well as private rooms in this hostel.

Hostel Che Tulum – Best Party Hostel in Tulum

Che Hostel in Tulum is, just as it is in Playa del Carmen, the best party hostel in Tulum.

Even though the on-site bar officially closes at 1 in the morning, there’s usually a party until much later on.

In this hostel, you can use the common kitchen or BBQ to prepare your own food, or just walk out the door to find loads of bars and restaurants in the near area.

Che hostel also has a beautiful pool area and chill area. Loads of events and activities are organized, like yoga, salsa, pizza nights, beer pong, and loads of parties.

In Hostel Che, you can book a bed in a dorm room, but they also have private rooms available.

Best Hostels in Tulum - Find the best match for your trip here!

Best Tulum hostels on the beach

Chavez Eco Beach Camping – Cheap stay on Tulum beach

Chavez Beach Camping is the cheapest place to spend the night on the beach! It’s cool and you will definitely meet loads of other backpackers!

This accommodation is the best way to spend a few nights on the beach in Tulum without breaking the bank. Tents have already been set up, so they’re ready for you to check in immediately! In Chavez Beach Camping, you can use the shared kitchen to cook your own meals.

You can either get a tent for 1 person or a double tent. They also have bungalows available, which are more expensive!

This is not a party hostel and the bar closes around 22h, so you can get a good night of sleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean.

Zazil Kin Beach Cabanas – Budget beach cabana in Tulum

Zazil Kin Beach is technically a hotel, but they offer the most budget-friendly accommodation on the beach in Tulum. We stayed at Zazil Kin before and we enjoyed our stay a lot as we were located right on the beach in a nice, but basic cabana. So that’s why we count it as a Tulum beach hostel!

The Cabanas of Zazil Kin are located very close to the Tulum Mayan ruins and a little bit out of the busy beach area. But there’s a bar on site where you can get cocktails and drinks at night.

There’s also a game room and an on-site restaurant. You can’t use a common kitchen in this accommodation, so you have to eat at the restaurant or find a restaurant on the beach.

As budget travelers, we enjoyed staying on the beach for a night or two.

Tita Tulum – One Night Splurge

Splurge on a one night stay in a romantic beachfront cabana with your lover!

Tita Tulum scores very high with travelers and for a really good price, compared to the other beachfront hotels. If you want to treat yourself and your partner on a beautiful night on the beach in Tulum, this might be the perfect place to do so!

The best area to stay in Tulum

Tulum has 2 main areas where you can find accommodation: the beach or the city center. Both have their pros and cons.

Why stay at the beach in Tulum

Tulum Beach is beautiful and staying in a cabana on the beach is just like a dream coming true. You fall asleep with the sound of the waves in the background. The minute you wake up, you can stroll barefoot to the white sandy beaches and watch the waves roll in…

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? It actually is! And you should definitely stay at least one or two nights in a cabin on the beach in Tulum, even if it ends up to be your splurge night!

Because accommodation at the beach in Tulum is quite expensive. Some hotels charge their guests over 500€ per night! We discovered that there are also a few places that are more budget-friendly, but you have to look for them really well!

Why stay in Tulum Pueblo

Tulum Pueblo also has a lot of charm and you’re only still a 10-minute bike ride away from the beach. There are buses driving from the town to the beach every few minutes and these buses are cheap!

Accommodation in town is a lot cheaper and there is usually more of a backpacker vibe in the town, which you don’t actually find in the beach places.

In Tulum Pueblo, you’ll find tons of nice bars, restaurants, and shops. So there is a lot more to see and do in the town.

Have you decided where to stay in Tulum yet?

As budget travelers, we also noticed that a lot of the places in this area are getting more expensive each year. But it’s still very possible to find a bed for a good price in Tulum.

We definitely recommend you to save up for this trip, so you can use that extra money to splurge for one night and book a cool cabana on the beach in Tulum! You’ll probably never want to leave again!

Don’t forget to read our backpacking guide to Mexico.

We also compiled a list with the best hostels in Cancun and Playa del Carmen!

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