The best hostels in Madrid: comfort on a budget

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What we talk about in this article

Madrid is a city full of history, culture and exciting experiences. Whether you’re a solo traveller looking to make new friends or a group searching for budget-friendly accommodations, a stay at one of the many hostels in Madrid is a good choice if you don’t want to break the bank.

So why settle for a boring hotel room when you can stay at a lively and welcoming hostel in Madrid? Let’s find out where you’re going to stay!

Why stay in a hostel?

What’s so fun about it?

  • Well, the first and obvious thing is that staying in a hostel can be a budget-friendly solution for finding good accommodation in a big city.
  • Secondly, in a hostel you have the opportunity to connect with other travellers from all over the world, share stories and experiences, create unforgettable memories together and sometimes even forge friendships for life.
  • And last but not least, many hostels organize various activities such as walking tours, pub crawls, cooking classes and more, so you can really get a taste of Madrid.
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The cheapest hostel in Madrid that is good – Ok hostel

The best hostel for solo travellers – Onefam Sungate

The most icon hostel in Madrid – The Hat

The best no-party hostel – Toc hostel

The cheapest hostels in Madrid that are good

For those on a tight budget, there are plenty of affordable hostels in Madrid. But, make sure you pick a place where you feel good spending the night.

A lot of the very cheap options, then we’re talking around €10 a night, don’t get good reviews, or are located in a not so attractive part of the city. Check the location & reviews before you book! You don’t want to stay in a gloomy hostel with no windows, where you sleep in the dirty sheets of the previous occupant.

The following hostels offer comfortable and clean accommodations at unbeatable prices and at a good location to discover the city:

Ok Hostel Madrid

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First on this list is OK Hostel Madrid. Why?

This hostel lies right in the middle of all the action, and it has high standards. It looks amazing and is kept clean at all times. The rooms are spacious, and the beds are very comfortable.

Dorms have space for 4 to 6 people. Under the beds, you have a big storage drawer to keep your belongings safe. You can also opt for a private room or family room with private bathroom.

There is a huge kitchen with lots of appliances to prepare your own meals. If you don’t feel like cooking, they also have an excellent restaurant that serves meals at affordable prices.

The staff is very friendly, and they try to keep everything, spotlessly clean.

In short, Ok hostel Madrid is one of the best hostels, also if you travel on a budget.

  • perfect location
  • good quality and price
  • very clean
  • spacious rooms
  • comfy beds
  • good showers
  • very nice communal kitchen
  • affordable restaurant on site with quality food
  • friendly staff
  • pub crawl and walking tour organized by the hostel
  • top beds in dorms don’t have curtains
  • sink is not in the bathroom but in the room
  • busy part of the city, can be noisy until early mornings
  • large hostel, so a lot of people
Cheap & Good
Ok Hostel Madrid

This hostel maintains high standards. It's clean, with spacious and comfy rooms. Dorms fit 4 to 6 people. Private or family rooms with a private bathroom available. Communal kitchen and restaurant on-site.

Have a look!

Way hostel Madrid

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Another very nice hostel in the centre and at a budget-friendly price is Way hostel Madrid.

They are known for their very friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. The staff also organizes activities daily. It’s the perfect place to meet fellow travellers and to get to know the city on one of their tours.

You can opt for a private room or for a bed in a dorm. There are dorms available for 6, 8 or 12 people. All beds have a curtain, a light, a shelf, a power socket and a locker.

The hostel has a nice communal kitchen where they offer you free coffee, tea and churros in the morning.

Bathrooms are separate from the rooms, so that helps keeping the noise down. They are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

  • central location
  • budget-friendly
  • clean
  • comfortable beds with curtains for privacy
  • free coffee and churros every morning
  • nice kitchen
  • super nice staff
  • tours and pub crawls organized by the hostel
  • busy part of town, can be noisy until early mornings
  • communal area is a bit run down
  • can be busy, not enough available bathrooms at times
  • showers a bit small
Way Hostel Madrid

Nice hostel with a good atmosphere. Dorms from 6 to 12 people. Communal kitchen with free coffee, tea and churros every morning.

Have a look!

The best hostels for solo travellers

Travelling alone can be intimidating, especially in a city as big as Madrid. But don’t worry, there are plenty of hostels that cater specifically to solo travellers.

Also have a look at Way Hostel and Ok hostel in the section about the cheapest hostels that are good. They are a popular choice among single travellers for their social and welcoming atmosphere.

The following hostels also offer activities and tours specifically designed for solo travellers to meet other like-minded individuals and explore the city together. So if you’re travelling solo, don’t be afraid to stay at one of these hostels and make some new friends along the way.

Onefam Sungate

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Sungate hostel is one of the best hostels for solo travellers located in the heart of the city centre. What’s so special about it?

The staff is very welcoming, and you can reach them 24/7 at the reception. Staff members can arrange various activities and provide tickets to local attractions.

The hostel organizes daily activities, including free dinners and fun evenings, perfect to socialize and explore.

Dorms have single beds, no bunkbeds, and a bedside table with a light and usb-plug. You also get a spacious locker, and you can rent a lock if needed.

Bathrooms and all other areas are cleaned multiple times a day.

As the cherry on-top, there is a fully equipped communal kitchen, where you can prepare your own food and also meet new people.

  • fantastic hostel with great vibe
  • daily activities, free dinners, walking tours and more
  • perfect for socializing
  • central location, ideal as starting point to visit attractions and nightlife
  • comfortable rooms and beds
  • fully equipped communal kitchen
  • spotlessly clean – cleaned multiple times a day
  • best staff ever
  • large showers
  • Can get noisy because of central location
  • No lift
For Solo travellers
Onefam Sungate Madrid

24/7 staff can arrange entry tickets to attractions. Daily activities, including free dinners and fun evenings. No bunk beds, clean with fully equipped communal kitchen.

Have a look!

The central house Madrid Lavapiés

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This hostel is a home away from home. The interior of the building is styled in an industrial way, but it all feels modern and inviting. The communal area is big but cosy, there even is a good restaurant and bar on site. You can also relax in the lounge chairs on the rooftop terrace.

The bunk beds in the dorms all have a curtain for privacy, you also get a locker and a drawer under your bed for storage. There are also private rooms and rooms for families available with a private bathroom. All rooms are clean, and the beds are comfortable.

The staff is very welcoming. As a solo traveller, you are in the right spot. Meet fellow travellers, have a drink in the bar, or join a pub crawl or walking tour organized by the hostel.

Plus, the central location makes it easy to navigate around the city on foot or by public transportation. It is located in the lively central part of the city, in the Lavapiés neighbourhood. So, if you like going out, this is a good spot for you.

  • very central location
  • lots of bars, restaurants in the area
  • cool, industrial look
  • lots of private storage space
  • dormbeds have curtains
  • spacious private rooms
  • restaurant and bar
  • nice continental breakfast served each morning (paid)
  • comfortable lounge area
  • friendly staff
  • good for meeting fellow travellers
  • pub crawl and walking tours organized by the hostel
  • clean and inviting
  • busy part of the city, can get noisy
  • no communal kitchen, no possibility to cook your own meals
  • lacks ventilation in the bathroom
Nice restaurant, bar & rooftop terrace
The Central House Madrid Lavapiés

Industrial yet cosy design with restaurant, bar & rooftop terrace. Bunk beds with privacy curtains. Privates with bathroom available.

Have a look!

Cat's hostel

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This building is beautiful. The dorms are situated around a courtyard with an 18th century Moorish fountain in the middle. This special setting is what makes Cat’s hostel stands out the most. It’s a perfect blend of history, comfort and fun.

But the hostel offers much more than just a beautiful setting. Cat’s hostel is the starting point for pub crawls and walking tours organized by multiple hostels who work on this together. This is perfect for solo travellers who are looking to socialize and explore Madrid with like-minded people.

The location is ideal, close to all the attractions and nightlife. 

  • beautiful building
  • walkable distance to
  • attractions and bars
  • comfortable beds
  • friendly staff
  • clean
  • bingo nights, pub crawls,
  • free walking tour and more
  • nice common spaces to
  • meet new people and hang out
  • cheap happy hour
  • no curtains on the bunkbeds
  • party hostel, so can be noisy
  • rooms lack ventilation
Beautiful building with inner courtyard
Cats Hostel Madrid Sol

Dorms are situated around the courtyard with Moorish fountain. Starting point for pub crawls and walking tours.

Have a look!

The most luxurious hostels in Madrid

And for those who want the best of both worlds – the social atmosphere of a hostel and the comfort of a hotel – Madrid also offers upscale hostels with luxurious amenities.

These hostels may come at a higher price, but they offer all the luxuries of a hotel while still maintaining the social and lively atmosphere of a hostel. So why not treat yourself to some luxury while still being budget-friendly?

The Hat Madrid

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This stylish hostel is located in a 19th-century mansion, complete with high ceilings and elegant architecture. It offers both private and shared rooms, all of which are tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, comfy mattresses, and en-suite bathrooms.

But what truly sets The Hat Madrid apart is its rooftop terrace, where guests from in and outside the hostel can relax and take in the beautiful views of the city while sipping on a drink from the hostel’s own bar. It’s the perfect spot for meeting new people and enjoying a taste of luxury.

Situated at 100 metres from the Plaza Mayor, it’s a prime location in Madrid.

The hostel offers great facilities, including a rooftop bar, a restaurant and a shared kitchen. Staff are there to help you out, and they also organise walking tours, pub crawls, and evening entertainment.

  • gorgeous building
  • rooftop bar
  • top location in the centre
  • comfortable rooms and matrasses
  • great food in the restaurant
  • good breakfast
  • very helpful staff
  • clean, and signs hanging that you can contact them if not, so will clean immediately
  • free sangria hour in the cool basement area
  • very basic shared kitchen
  • central location can be noisy
  • no curtains on upper bed
Most iconic hostel
The Hat Madrid

Stylish hostel in 19th century building. Tastefully decorated private and shared rooms. Gorgeous rooftop terrace, also for non-guests. Restaurant and shared kitchen.

Have a look!
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Toc hostel

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TOC Hostel stands out for its blend of tradition and modernity. It is situated in a lively area, in a historic building in Plaza de Celenque, a place with a rich history dating back to the 15th century when it was frequented by nobility.

The hostel offers a variety of amenities including a bar, cocktail services and a delicious breakfast buffet. You can relax and meet other travellers in one of the cosy sofa corners and play a game of biljart.

At TOC Hostel, you will also find friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to share their insider tips on the best places to visit, eat and explore in Madrid. And if you’re feeling adventurous, they can even help you plan out your own personalized itinerary to ensure that you make the most out of your stay in this vibrant city.

  • beautiful building
  • lift
  • staff is really welcoming and offers the best service
  • central location
  • elegant rooms with wooden floors
  • nice biljart room and table
  • bar and cocktail services
  • delicious breakfast buffet
  • 24-hours reception
  • comfortable
  • no party hostel
  • pic-nic bags available if you have to leave before breakfast
  • bathrooms with matted glass in the room – lacks a bit of privacy & light comes in the room
  • busy street, can get noisy, even at night
  • not the best hostel to socialise
Toc Hostel Madrid

Gorgeous hostel with dorms and privates. Breakfast buffet, bar & cocktail services available. Friendly staff helps with insider tips and itineraries.

Have a look!

Other accommodation options in Madrid

Hostels can be a great option if you’re on a budget. And let’s face it, it’s also more fun when you are young. Most of the time, it has a younger audience, which loves to party and stay out until the early morning. 

So, if that doesn’t sound like your scene, there are plenty of other options out there. Check out the best boutique hotels and luxury hotels in Madrid. 

Plan your hostel stay now in one of the best hostels in Madrid

With so many great options for hostels in Madrid, it’s important to plan ahead and book early to ensure availability. And remember, no matter what type of hostel you choose – basic, unique, or luxury – the most important thing is to make the most of your trip and create unforgettable memories.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to do, have a look at this fun 3-day itinerary. Don’t forget to book tours in advance, so you can choose the best tours out there. 

So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new during your stay in Madrid. Happy travels!

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