Best Hostels in Cancun – Find the best match for your trip to Cancun

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What we talk about in this article

Cancun is known and famous for many things!

It’s an awesome spring break destination which makes it the ultimate party destination.

But that doesn’t mean it has no culture and interesting things to see and do. Cancun is, in fact, a fabulous destination for all types of travelers.

Overseas backpackers usually end up in Cancun because it has the cheapest airport in the area, so they tend to spend a few nights in a Cancun hostel in order to acclimatize to the new timezone and heat.

We did our research and compiled a collection of the very best hostels in Cancun Mexico with their perfect audience. There are a few cheap hostels in Cancun and a few party hostels.

So keep scrolling to find your best match!

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Best Hostels in Cancun

Mezcal Hostel Cancun
Image Courtesy Hostelword

Mezcal Hostel

Best Hostels in Cancun - Find the best match for your trip to Cancun
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Selina Downtown Hostel

Best Hostels in Cancun - Find the best match for your trip to Cancun
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Nomads Hostel

Best Hostels in Cancun - Find the best match for your trip to Cancun
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Hostalito Mexican

Best Hostels in Cancun - Find the best match for your trip to Cancun
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Senor Frogs

Best Hostels in Cancun - Find the best match for your trip to Cancun
Image Courtesy Hostelworld

Mermaid Beach Hostel

Hostels in Cancun Center

Mezcal Hostel Cancun – Best Hostel in Cancun

Mezcal Hostel is the most popular and best hostel in Cancun. They have a swimming pool and a nearby bar called Mezcalito Bar.

This hostel is located in the heart of the city with all facilities nearby, like bars, restaurants, and shops.

Mezcal Hostel Cancun has great extra service as they provide breakfast AND dinner included in your room price.

Rated as the very best hostel in Cancun, it’s obvious that travelers just love this place and chances are good that you will love it too. Mezcal Hostel is a part of the Nomads Hostel Chain.

In this hostel, you can book a bed in a dorm for a very good price, but they also have private rooms for a budget-friendly price!

Selina Cancun Downtown – The Best hostel for couples

The Selina Downtown Hostel in Cancun is a highly rated hostel in the city center of Cancun.

This hostel has a swimming pool and an excellent location smack in the middle of Cancun center. They do have parties at night, so it’s not really the quietest place in the city!

An extra plus is that the hostel is located very close to the ADO bus station, which is a great way to start your travel day in the early morning.

It’s the best Cancun hostel for couples on a budget because they have the cheapest private rooms in town. You can also get dorm beds, private rooms, and even apartments in this hostel.

Nomads Hostel and Bar – Great overall hostel

The Nomads Hostel is a relatively new hostel in Cancun where you can meet other travelers and backpackers. The hostel has a rooftop pool and bar where you can attend regular parties.

One of the most exclusive amenities of this place is that breakfast AND dinner are included in your room price! Great win!

Other activities are also included in your room price, like yoga sessions, excursions to the beach, and other activities.

Nomads is a hostel chain and they use the same successful formula in different cities around the world.

In this hostel, you can either choose a budget dorm bed, which has curtains for privacy. Or you can get a private room.

Hostalito Mexican Hostel – Cheapest Hostel in Cancun

Hostalito is a newer hostel in Cancun and it already won the heart of its guests over! All the amenities are clean and new! On top of that, this place has a swimming pool.

This hostel is awesome for budget backpackers who don’t necessarily want to party each night. The hostel does have a bar, but it’s nicely separated from the rest of the hostel. So if you want to, you can skip the bar vibe and still relax.

Hostalito is located next to a cozy park and the atmosphere in the hostel is relaxed and down-to-earth. As the hostel is right on the edge of the city center, you can easily walk everywhere. Bars and restaurants are nearby.

You can meet other backpackers in this hostel.

Choose between cheap dorm beds or the slightly more expensive private rooms.

Where to stay in Cancun
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Hostels near the beach

Señor Frogs Hostel – Party Hostel near the beach

Señor Frogs is a quite new hostel on the beach in Cancun and it looks absolutely amazing! A big plus is that everything is sparkling new and clean!

This place is the place to go if you want to meet people and have a party every night. The Coco Bongo is just a few minutes walking from the hostel.

You probably won’t meet loads of backpackers here, but rather tourists and spring breakers.

The hostel is located in the Zona Hoteleria across the street from the most stunning beaches in Cancun.

In Señor Frogs hostel, you can book budget-friendly dorm rooms, as well as more expensive private roomsBreakfast is included.

Mermaid Beach Hostel – Quiet Beach Hostel outside of town

The Mermaid Beach Hotel is located outside of the city center of Cancun and it’s also outside of the Zona Hoteleria. This is a quiet beach hostel close to the ferry to Isla Mujeres. Travelers who enjoy their privacy,  peace, and quiet, enjoy this hostel the most!

The city center is a 10-minute drive from the hostel. The beach, on the other hand, is very close by! Even though the city center is further away, the hostel is located in the El Niño beach area, where you can find local restaurants.

There are a rooftop deck and a lounge area. From the roof, you can get amazing sunset views.

In Mermaid beach Hostel, you can get dorm beds, as well as private rooms for a great budget-friendly price!

Best places to stay in Cancun

Not sure if you should stay in the city center or on the beach? We stayed in the city center on each of our visits, but are definitely considering a stay in a Cancun Beach Hostel the next time we arrive in Cancun.

Why stay in Cancun City Center

Hostels in Cancun city center are more popular with backpackers, long term travelers, and budget travelers. These hostels allow you to explore the rich culture of the city.

In the city center, you’re close to many bars, restaurants, shops, and the ADO bus terminal.

From the city center, you can still reach the pristine beaches at the Zona Hoteleria with a very cheap bus within 10 minutes.

Usually, they still offer a swimming pool and all the other stuff you might need!

Why stay in a hostel near the beach

The Zona Hoteleria is bulking with large companies, like Señor Frogs, Hooters, Coco Bongo, … This is where the party is going on. It’s also where all the tourists are!

Everything in this area is a little more expensive and you’ll feel as if you’re in an all-inclusive adult resort all the time.

If you’re visiting Cancun to have a party and relax on the beach, this is the place to be!

Other areas near the beach don’t have the party vibe you can find in the Zona Hoteleria. So if you find a beach hostel outside of this area, it will probably be a quiet and laid back place.


Have you already decided where you will be spending your nights in Cancun?

We sure hope you found an awesome place to stay in one of the above mentioned Cancun Hostels. Let us know which one you selected and how you enjoyed your stay!

Read our backpacking guide to Mexico and make sure to explore the beautiful island of Cozumel while you’re in the neighborhood!

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