Ride like a local – the best bike tours in Madrid

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Do you want to explore the Spanish capital on two wheels? Look no further! Get ready to discover the best bike tours in Madrid.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a seasoned cyclist to enjoy these tours. There are a variety of casual bike tours to choose from. 

From cruising through historic neighbourhoods to exploring hidden gems off the beaten path, these tours provide a unique and way to soak in the culture and beauty of this bustling city.

So grab your helmet, hop on a bike, and get ready for an unforgettable trip through Madrid’s streets and sights!

Rent a bike - free self-guided tour

Taking a self-guided bike tour around Madrid is a super cool and unique way to see the city. You get to cruise at your own pace and stop whenever something catches your eye, making it a super personalized adventure.

Madrid’s got plenty of bike paths. Plus, with traffic slowed down to 30 km/h in the city and mostly just locals and deliveries on the roads, you can pedal around safely through the different neighbourhoods. 

It’s a different way to see the city’s highlights, and it’s a green, healthy way to travel too. One of the coolest things about biking in Madrid is that you can hit all the major spots like Plaza Mayor, the Palacio Real, and Retiro Park, and spend as much time as you want there.

Rent a quality bike and get a self-guided tour and phone holder extra, so you only pay for the rental!

Only pay for the rental bike
Rent a bike - free self-guided tour

Rent a quality bike

Self-guided tour & phone holder included

Rent a bike + Self-guided tour

3-Hour highlights bike tour

Hop on for a fun Madrid: 3-Hour Highlights Bike Tour, perfect for kids aged 7 and up. Explore Madrid in a cool way, whether you prefer pedalling the old-school way or cruising on an E-bike for that extra ease.

Dodge the busy streets and get a fresh look at the city’s hotspots as you zip through cycle paths, pedestrian zones, and parks. Before you start, you’ll get the lowdown on biking safely. Then, dive into the cool stories behind Plaza de Oriente, Plaza de la Villa, and Mercado San Miguel with a knowledgable guide.

It’s a mix of culture, history, and pure fun, letting you take in the architectural beauty of Madrid and maybe even wrapping things up with some tasty tapas and drinks. Ideal for those who love to stay active and want a memorable way to see what Madrid has to offer.

Top rated tour
3-Hour highlights bike tour Madrid

E-bike option

4 Starting location options

3 Drop-off locations

3-Hour highlights bike tour

Electric bike sightseeing tour

Discover Madrid on an electric bike sightseeing tour. This adventure offers a unique and effortless way to explore all the iconic landmarks and hidden treasures of Spain’s vibrant capital.

Perfect for solo travellers, couples, and families, this tour combines the fun of electric biking with the experience of learning about Madrid’s history and culture. Navigate through Madrid’s bustling streets, charming neighbourhoods, and picturesque parks with ease.

The electric bikes make sightseeing accessible to everyone, regardless of your fitness level. Enjoy the fresh air and stunning architecture as a knowledgeable guide shares captivating stories and insights, making every moment memorable.

Electric bike sightseeing tour

Cruise with little effort

Visit historic neighbourhoods, bustling plazas, gardens, and a path along the Manzanares River

Electric bike sightseeing tour

Guided tour on a vintage bike

Taking a guided tour on a vintage bike through Madrid is a super cool and unique way to see the city’s sights. There’s something special about cruising around on a vintage bike – it adds a bit of nostalgia and a unique vibe to the whole experience, making it something you won’t forget.

Riding around the beautiful streets and landmarks of Madrid, you get to dive into the city’s history and culture in a fun and adventurous way. You’ll find yourself discovering hidden gems and local secrets, all while enjoying the fresh air and the freedom that comes with biking.

Plus, the expert guidance during the tour means it’s a safe and informative adventure. In short, a guided vintage bike tour through Madrid is a fantastic, memorable adventure filled with fun, discovery, and unique experiences.

Guided tour on a Vintage Bike

Discover iconic landmarks in a small group

Insider tips on where to eat and drink & go out

E-bike option is possible

Guided tour on a Vintage Bike

The Beauty of Madrid by Bike: Private Tour

Explore the hidden gems of Madrid on a guided cycling tour along the scenic Manzanares River.

This half-day adventure offers a unique perspective of the city, allowing you to soak in the beauty of nature and discover iconic landmarks like the Royal Palace, King’s Bridge, and the vast Casa de Campo park. But also visit places you probably don’t find on your own. 

Learn more about Madrid’s history and contemporary local life as an expert guide shares fascinating stories and takes you to significant sites, including Goya’s final resting place.

With stops at notable art installations, historic sites, and stunning graffiti, this bike tour is the perfect way to see Madrid’s top attractions and secret spots. Enjoy the added perks of complimentary equipment, a refreshing beer, and a delicious tortilla tapa. Join this tour to experience the best of Madrid by bicycle, from its renowned artworks to its lively streets.

Private tour
The beauty of Madrid private bike tour

Visit top sights and lesser-known gems

Visit Goya’s frescoes, mural, and paintings and see his final resting place

One beer, and a tortilla tapa included

The beauty of Madrid private bike tour

Bike tour historical Madrid with tapas

Hit the streets of Historical Madrid on a Bike tour with tapas for a cool mix of culture, history, and yummy eats. This adventure is the perfect combo of sightseeing and foodie exploration, letting you dive into Madrid’s heritage while munching on delicious tapas along the way.

Biking around Madrid’s historic spots is a fun and active way to check out the city’s famous sights, cosy neighbourhoods, and those special places you won’t find on a typical tourist map.

Plus, at the stop at the end of the tour, you enjoy 2 tapas, so you get a real taste of Spanish cuisine. This adds a tasty twist to your adventure, making it a super enjoyable way to experience Madrid’s history and culture.

2 tapas included
Bike tour historical Madrid with tapas

10 km tour around iconic sites

Enjoy 2 tapas at the end of the tour

Bike tour historical Madrid with tapas

Expert Plus Tour of Madrid in Private Eco Tuk Tuk

The last tour on this list is not a bike tour, but a tuk-tuk tour. We want to include this one here, because it’s such a fun way to get to know a city. Maybe you just want to sit back and relax, while also be outdoors and have your own private guide lead you through the city, while spilling the tea about all the top places and landmarks. 

The Expert plus tour of Madrid on a private eco tuk-tuk is a 3 to 4-hours private tour, ideal for first timers or for visitors who just want to chill and sightsee at the same time. This tour is all about getting up close with Madrid’s secret spots with a knowledgable local guide, all while keeping it eco-friendly.

Thanks to the eco Tuk Tuk’s compact size, you get to weave through narrow streets and get up close to iconic spots that bigger vehicles just can’t reach. It’s not only super informative but lots of fun too, with the chance to tailor your trip however you like.

Tuk-tuk tour
Tour of Madrid in private eco tuk-tuk

Fun panoramic tour of Madrid of the highlights

No biking but a relaxed ride in an electric tuk-tuk

Tour of Madrid in private eco tuk-tuk

More fun tours to do in Madrid

Maybe a bike tour is not your favourite option to discover the city. Luckily, there are plenty of fun tours to do that don’t involve a bike. Dive into Madrid with a guided tour you won’t forget.

Check out the coolest spots, taste amazing local food at lively stalls, and wander through busy markets and famous wineries. Expert guides will make sure the trip is all about what you love. For a fun and deep dive into Madrid, these top tours are the way to go:

Fun walking tours to discover Madrid

The best wine tours to do in and around Madrid

Fun Segway tours to discover the best of Madrid

Wrapping it up: the best bike tours in Madrid

In short, diving into one of Madrid’s coolest bike tours is like hitting the jackpot when it comes to unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re zipping through the historic heart of the city, gliding by the picturesque riverbanks, or sneaking into cute local neighbourhoods, each bike journey dishes out a fresh slice of the lively Spanish capital.

Cruising past iconic spots and stumbling upon hidden treasures, you’ll see Madrid shine in a whole new light—something that’s best experienced on two wheels. You’ll get caught up in the city’s vibrant buzz, taste some awesome traditional dishes, and get a real feel for both Madrid’s history and its modern vibes.

With knowledgeable guides leading the pack and top-quality biking gear at your disposal, you’re all set for a Madrid adventure that’s as personal as it is immersive. Gear up to uncover Madrid’s secrets by bike and see the city from an incredibly unique angle.

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