Find the best bank for digital nomads – 3 winners!

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What we talk about in this article

As a digital nomad, you work with companies in a variety of countries. Meanwhile, you’re traveling and exploring new land. Currency exchange and foreign payments are nomad perks that are usually not the best thing to do with your local bank. You need an innovative and modern, digital solution for that. That’s why you’re looking for the best bank for digital nomads.
It appears that a good part of these digital banks have a base in Germany, so we might as well call this article: best German bank for foreigners!
It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for these banks because you want to move to Germany, because you travel around the world, or you’re just looking for the Deutsche Gründligkeit in banking.
We didn’t really notice it earlier, but we actually use more than one international prepaid debit card that has been issued within German territory. So, we must admit that these modern and digital banks are quite a good choice these days!
Let dive in and list some of the best!

Best bank for digital nomads

We like to give you a few options in this segment.
While most of these banks have their headquarters in Germany, all of them offer the option to get a German or European IBAN number. You can also get international bank accounts, which makes these banks an excellent choice for digital nomads to send and receive money worldwide.
Explore the options and check out how these specific banks stand out from the crowd!
All of these options offer free accounts, but you can also upgrade your plan and pay a monthly fee to use more features.

1. N26

N26 is a popular banking solution, also based in Germany. It offers secure banking and insurance for expats, as well as nomads.
It is, by far, our favourite nomad bank account. Yes! We use this account almost daily and I recommend it to anyone.
Depending on the account you get, you’ll also be insured for the most common travel issues: medical insurance, lost luggage, lost smartphone.
The free account just offers you an amazing option to pay worldwide, without the hassle of your bank at home.

N26 specifics

What's so special about N26?

N26 has been around for a while. They have always improved their services and security system with every new option available on the market. This way, you can get a pretty wide array of services with N26.
There’s a free card, which is the most limited option. If you choose to get N26 Smart or N26 You, you’ll get a lot more options included. The N26 You account even covers you with medical travel insurance and a lot more extra’s.
Check out N26, read our N26 review or follow these simple steps to open your N26 account straight away.

2. Wise

Wise offers multi-currency accounts, which makes it very easy to transfer money into a different currency.
That makes Wise a really good option for both expats and nomads who travel through different countries.
If you receive money in different currencies or pay regularly in different currencies, this is the nomad bank account for you!
Wise is founded by two Estonians and it actually based in London.

Wise specifics

What's so special about Wise?

Wise started out as Transferwise, one of the most influential online banks where you could exchange currencies with the best possible exchange rates.
Transferring money abroad is one of the other Wise specialties.
With Wise, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible exchange rates and rates for sending money abroad.
The Wise multi currency card allows you to hold different currencies in the same account. You can also get different local accounts within the same profile.
This way, you can have a European IBAN number, a British IBAN, and quite a few accounts for different countries. It would seem that you have an official account within that country. It enables you to get paid like a local!

3. Revolut

Even though Revolut has had some negative attention, which caused a lot of Revolut users to search for decent Revolut alternatives, to this day, the bank is still a good solution for many!
You can open a free account in minutes.
With this free nomad bank account, you receive a VISA debit card with a European IBAN number, ready to use.
If you’re looking for the very best German bank for foreigners, expats or digital nomads, this is the one.

Revolut specifics

What's so special about Revolut?

Revolut has been a popular banking solution for digital nomads since years. It’s still going strong, despite some negative news attention over time.
This digital bank account is worthy of your time to check it out and order your free card.
You can always upgrade your account to a premium one or expand your Revolut bank account with travel insurance.
Revolut also offers a cashback solution for a lot of traveler commodities, like hotels or flights.
Use crypto with your digital nomad bank

Why choosing one of these banks?

 and remote freelancersAll of these European banks offer a wide array of services for digital nomads. Some offer travel insurance and insurance for laptops and smartphones. All of these, mostly German, banks do all they can to offer you the best possible exchange rates.

Protected German bank accounts

First of all, licensed German banks offer a lot of safety and security for their customers. German banks accounts are protected by the Compensation Scheme, which protects deposits in euro for up to 100.000€

Top notch security

We mentioned Deutsche Gründligkeit before!
Especially when it comes to security, Germans know exactly what they’re doing.
All modern banks have top notch security systems in place, guaranteeing that your money and transactions are safe and sound at all times.

German crypto regulation

The German Federal Central Tax Office views crypto and other virtual currencies as private money. It’s not treated as a foreign currency.
So, for tax purposes, Germany is an interesting place to trade.
Revolut allows you to buy crypto within minutes.

German innovation

Banking in Germany seems to be a lot more futuristic, compared to many other countries.

If you’re looking for a digital bank which offers everything you would expect, and more, in this modern and digital era, German banks will do the trick.
I must say that banks in my home country seem like they are still in the stone age, while my German bank accounts and apps offer so much more!
Check your balance, make direct transactions in any currency, access your account from remote locations, and have global access to your funds. If you experience a problem, these banks provide easy access to their customer support and helpdesk. You can rest assured that you’re being assisted quickly.

Get the best possible exchange rates

As a digital nomad, you might be dealing with companies around the world, using a variety of currencies and making international transfers. Our local bank makes it quite difficult to change other currencies to our home currency. On top of that, they charge us a fee to convert the currency.
Digital nomad banks allow you to switch between currencies without hassle. You can even spend money or pay locally without owning that currency.
In this section, Wise is the obvious winner!

No transaction fees

While some of these favourites may have a transaction fee or ATM fee when you withdraw money from ATM’s, none of these banks has transaction fees for payments abroad and foreign transactions.

They offer a cheaper solution to your traditional bank at home and they offer a modern form of banking without borders or limitations.

Easy access

With these digital banks, you can open a bank account within minutes.

Of course, you still need proof of identification to prevent fraud. You also have to meet some basic requirements.

But, you don’t have to walk into a bank or get to your home country in order to start using these accounts, which makes them perfect for digital nomads.

Find the best bank for digital nomads

Frequently asked questions about the best banks for digital nomads

Most of the best banks for digital nomads are located in Germany, people tend to have questions about availability.
These are the most asked questions about banks that are located outside your home country, as a nomad or expat.

Do I need a registered address in Germany?

In order to open an account with one of the banks we mention in this article, you don’t need an address in Germany. You can order these cards from most countries in the world.

Do I need to learn German?

All the banks mentioned in this article speak multiple languages.
You might need to switch to English if your native language is not available, but it might just as well be available too.

Using crypto as a digital nomad

While you might change currency zones every now and then, crypto remains a worldwide asset to use.
Especially if you don’t have too much crypto experience yet, Nuri will help you invest and gain. They even have an automated crypto savings plan to make sure you get the most out of your monthly savings.

Best bank for digital nomads

All three of these banks offer some of the best possible features for travelers and digital nomads inside or outside of Europe.
That is, because they offer so much bang for no bucks. You can get a free bank account with a VISA debit card which offers everything you might need, plus crypto trading.
N26 is, without a doubt, our favourite European bank for nomads.
Revolut is one of the favourite cards I hold in my wallet. It’s a great solution for paying worldwide, or within Europe.
Wise also offers a great option, as you get access to so many currencies, without paying tons of money on currency exchange.
Hopefully, one of these banks fits your needs perfectly!
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