9 Super fun beer tours in Belgium – Discover the Belgian beer culture

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What we talk about in this article

Belgium is most famous for its variety in beers, and we do have quite a few breweries, spread all over the country.

Some breweries are authentic and operated in monasteries, while others have grown international. But in the end, all of them produce some of the best drafts in the world, and we’re proud of that!

In any case, you can’t skip on doing a beer tour when visiting Belgium. Whether you want to visit a brewery, or join a tasting tour, you will have tons of fun and get to taste some of the very best Belgian brews.

So we listed some of the very best beer tours in Belgium in this article! We got a few options for each of the most popular travel destinations in the country, so it will be easy to fit one of these excursions into your itinerary for Belgium!

Cityscape of Brussels on a beautiful summer night
Cityscape of Brussels on a beautiful summer night

Brussels beer tours

The capital of Brussels is an excellent travel destination. Staying one day in Brussels can be enough, but the city is more than interesting enough to spend a few extra days!

Make sure you reserve enough time in Brussels to plan a beer tasting tour and one of these other sightseeing trips in Brussels!

Brussels Beer Tasting Experience

The Belgian Beer Tasting Experience in Brussels is a 2,5-hour tour which takes you to 3 iconic bars where you get to taste 4 famous Belgian ales.

Your experienced local guide walks you through the city and explains the history of the different types of ales. You can expect to learn a few notable facts about the different brews of Belgium.

And of course, you will have an awesome time with the other travelers that join the tour.

The Beer Tasting Experience is a relaxed and fun tour to join in Brussels.

After the tour, you get a bottle of Trappist to take home with you!

Check out the Brussels Beer Tasting Experience

Small group Brussels Beer Tour

If you need more than 2,5 hours for tasting, check out this popular beer tasting tour in Brussels, which lasts for 4 hours. Tours start in the early afternoon.

With a small group and a local guide, you’ll venture out in the city of Brussels to taste a selection of 8 Belgian brews, complete with cheese and snacks.

Some of the brews in this tour are: Chimay, Faro, and Orval.

Your professional guide takes you to some of the oldest taverns in the city and you’ll get a chance to explore a lesser known part of the city.

During this tour, you’ll get to know a lot of interesting facts about Belgian beer and the city of Brussels.

Check out the small group tasting tour in Brussels

The Famous Hungry Mary’s Chocolate and Beer Tour

As for Brussels Beer tasting excursions, Hungry Mary’s Chocolate and Beer tour is the most popular and most famous of them all.

During this 4,5-hour tour, a variety of delicacies is coming you way!

You start your way through Brussels on foot, accompanied by an expert local guide.

The journey starts off with visits to the very best chocolatiers in Brussels and you get to taste a lot of goodies!

In between the chocolatiers and pubs, you pass by some of the most interesting landmarks in the city.

At the Grand Place, several historic and beautiful pubs await you and your group.

On the menu: multiple famous Belgian beer samples, like: Trappist, Lambic, Kriek, Doubles, and Triples, …

A great plus: the guide is super loveable and funny!

Check out Hungry Mary’s Chocolate and Beer Tour

Famous view of Bruges at night
Night view of canal in Bruges

Bruges beer tours

Steady on the second place for ‘most popular destinations in Belgium’, Bruges is one you can’t miss. And in Bruges, there’s also some awesome beer tasting to be done.

You can expect a few local brews to be on the menu of these excursions.

Most visitors stay in Bruges for more than one day, which gives you enough time to include one of these delicious tasting tours!

Bruges Brewery Tour + Chocolate and Beer Tasting

The Bruges Brewery Tour is a 3-hour excursion that includes everything you need for the beautiful city of Bruges.

During this guided tour, you’ll visit the Halve Maan brewery, where the famous Brugse Zot is brewed. You’ll also enjoy a 3-course lunch inside the brewery.

Aside from the brewery visit, you also get to see the most important landmarks in the city and visit the Choco Story museum, where you can learn about the history of cacao beans and see how chocolate is made today.

This is one of the most popular and interesting tours you can do in the city of Bruges. It’s a full city tour that shows you all you have to see with the extra chocolate and beer tasting!

Check out the Bruges Brewery Tour

Bruges Beer Experience - Museum ticket

The Bruges Beer Experience is the actual beer museum in Bruges.

In this museum, you can discover the stories behind the brewing heritage of the monks in Bruges.

You’ll learn how to pair beer with food and the details about the local drinking culture.

This museum also has an on-site bar where you can buy over a dozen Belgium brews.

Check out the Bruges Beer Experience Museum

Historical center of Gent, Belgium.
Historical center of Gent, Belgium.

Ghent beer tours

Like Bruges, Ghent is also an interesting destination, where you can easily spend some time. Most itineraries count a half day for Ghent, but you won’t be bored if you stay a little longer!

Authentic Beer Tasting Journey

The Authentic Beer Tasting Journey is a 2,5 hour tour through the cozy streets of Ghent.

Your expert guide takes you around the city with regular stops at some of the most beautiful bars in town.

Each of the bars is known for its excellent selection of brews and you’ll get to taste some of the delicious drinks at each stop.

You can expect to learn a thing or two about the history and brewing culture in the region, while tasting a variety of different drafts. And to top it off, you also get to taste Belgian cheeses and other local snacks with your drinks.

Check out the Authentic Beer Tasting Journey

Antwerp, Belgium. Aerial city view at night
Antwerp, Belgium. Aerial city view at night

Antwerp beer tours

The city of Antwerp is an underestimated destination in Belgium and sadly, we see that it is left out of many itineraries. Still, the city is super beautiful and it has a lot to offer for travelers.

First of all, there are quite a few beers made in Antwerp, so your tasting tour will be filled with tasty local drafts. And Antwerp also has quite a few monumental landmarks to visit!

Antwerp Beer Tour

The Antwerp Beer tour is a 3-hour walking tour through the city of Antwerp.

You’ll discover some of the most interesting sightseeing stops and of course: pubs!

Taste 6 exquisite brews, all made in Antwerp, in the most authentic locations around the city.

Your professional guide takes you to some iconic taverns and pubs, where you get a taste of the best brews in the region. With each of the beers, your expert guide explains about which brew you’re tasting, how it’s made, and what’s in it.

In the tasting palette, some strong brews are included, so these will only be samples, while others will be full pints.

Check out the Antwerp Beer Tour

Visit the Antwerp brewery of De Koninck

The brewery of De Koninck is one of the last breweries in the city of Antwerp and it’s also one of the few breweries you can visit independently.

During this interactive brewery tour, you can follow along with an audio guide that will lead you through the brewing process.

De Koninck Brewery is a beautiful place and the exhibit is very interesting and nicely laid out.

Get admission tickets to De Koninck Brewery

9 Super fun beer tours in Belgium - Discover the Belgian beer culture
Assorted Beers in a Flight Ready for Tasting

The mother of all beer tours in Belgium!

If you really want to dive into the Belgian beer culture, definitely consider this tour! It takes you to all the interesting places you need to see. Plus, you get the beer tastings and local cuisine on top of it!

8-day Belgian beer tour

You really want to indulge in Belgian beers for a few days and truly explore the local drinking culture?

Then this is the ultimate trip for you.

Different areas of Belgium have different breweries and specific tastes in beer. You can only really understand what beer is to Belgium if you get a little taste of everything.

This awesome small group tour lasts for 8 days and it takes you to all the important landmarks of the Belgian brewing culture.

Most breweries are not open to visitors and it can be difficult to get in as a visitor. After all, the brewing process is supposed to remain a secret in order to keep distinct differences in taste.

G Adventures has a few inside connections that allow travelers in this tour to get as close as possible. So this tour brings you as close as possible to the Belgian breweries and abbeys.

The 8-day Belgian Beer Tour starts off in Brussels, before heading to the abbey of Rochefort, where you get a sneak peek into the abbey. The next day, you’ll visit Orval and Chimay, before heading over to the iconic city of Bruges. In Bruges, you can visit a local brewery and see the brewing process. Then, Westmalle and Antwerp are on the list, with a quick stopover in Achel.

During each stop, you get a chance to discover the city and explore some of the most important landmarks.

If you’re a beer lover, this tour is an all-in trip to Belgium, with a few beer introductions along the way!

Check out the 8-day Belgian Beer Tour

Conclusion - Beer tours in Belgium

As you can see, there’s a variety of available beer tours, brewery tours, museums, and beer tastings available in Belgium.

Most of these are NOT actual pub crawls and you shouldn’t expect these tours to be drinking feasts. During a local beer tour, you’ll get to learn a little about the culture and history, while tasting / sampling some of the most iconic Belgian beers along the way.

The most popular travel destinations in Belgium are Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, and Ghent. So, we got you a few tours in each city.

If you really want to submerge into the rich brewing culture and history of Belgium, we definitely recommend taking the 8-day Belgian Beer Tour, where you get to see a lot of different places which all have an important part in the brewing history of Belgium.

During this trip, you visit the actual abbeys where monks started brewing decades ago!

Hopefully, you found the perfect excursion for your needs in this list, and we hope you enjoy your trip to the tiny, but pretty Belgium!

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Belgium beer tours
Belgium beer tours
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