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Travel China by Train

Belgium fits into China 314 times. One hour of train-sitting won’t bring you to the next big city, like in Europe. That’s why night trains are a perfect way to cover ground in China. Although an airplane ticket might be cheaper, the real China-experience is to be found on the trains in the epicenter of Chinese culture. The train network in China is immense and well used. Every small town, in China terms, is connected to the next by rail. To get to more rural areas, a local bus is probably the only way to go. We used quite...

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Mexico – Natural Highlights

Mexico is a very popular travel destination for budget travelers as well as luxury travelers. The country offers everything you might wish. Beaches, cenotes, canyons, caves, waterfalls, colonial towns, … and so much more. If you plan on traveling to Mexico or you still need convincing, check out these natural Highlights in Mexico! Traveling alone and want to join a group to travel Mexico? Check this amazing trip through Mexico by G Adventures! Puente de Dios Puente de Dios is located in the town of Tamasopo in the state of San Luis de Potosi. This marvelous swimming hole is...

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How to find budget accommodation

Finding accommodation that is clean and comfy as well as budget friendly, can be a real hassle. Sure, there are so many hotels, hostels and guesthouses everywhere, it’s hard to see through the clutter and make a decision on where to stay. We noticed most of our friends and acquaintances return to the same website every single time. It appears to be common knowledge that hostels or other accommodation description names are crappy without a doubt. Well, they’re not! We’ve found cheap bedding often the most interesting and clean. Keep reading to find out how to find these gems...

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Restrooms Worldwide – Gender and travel!

Using public restrooms is the most common thing in the world. You simply go in, do what is needed, wash your hands and walk out with a feeling of relief. For me, it’s something else. I know many people have the same issues I have. Some of you will read this and think: “Yeah, that’s exactly what public restrooms do to me!”, while other people might have their eyes opened to a whole new world. Well, here it is!  My fears Knowing that I will be in the need to use a public restroom, is usually enough to get...

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Inner Mongolia and the Grasslands

Inner Mongolia is a region of China which borders the country of Mongolia. The region is known for its grasslands and Chinese take excursions to the grasslands. While in Inner Mongolia, we encountered more Chinese tourists than others. In fact, that was the case for every destination we visited. China still isn’t one of the top destinations for Western tourists. We enjoyed China a lot and thought that the huge cultural difference was amazing to witness. It’s a journey we won’t likely forget!  Hohhot Hohhot is a great hub city for visiting the grasslands. It’s a city of millions,...

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The best travel apps to supercharge your phone

In this digital age, we don’t even try to live without our equipment. We all carry a smartphone, a laptop, an e reader, …At least I do! The multifunctionality of a smartphone is endless. With the right apps, you can supercharge your phone to which all guidebooks blush and kneel. New apps are developed every day, so if you know great apps that are not in the list, please let us know so we can add them. I’m always on the lookout for cool apps to try. Journey Journey is my favorite app for a long time. I started...

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Krakow – Travel and LGBT

As one of the oldest towns in Poland, Krakow is definitely worth a visit. Most travelers use Krakow as a hub to visit Auschwitz or the salt mines of Wieliczka. The town itself has a lot to offer as well. Krakow isn’t a number one destination for lesbian travel, but it is a highlight in Poland that is not to be missed, gay or not. Accommodation and transportation Getting there and away Krakow has an international airport, which means you can fly in from most European cities. If you’re traveling from outside Europe, you might have to switch planes...

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Auschwitz and Birkenau

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase something through one of these links, we get a small commission on the sale. You will never pay extra for an affiliate product. The Auschwitz – Birkenau Memorial and Museum is one of the main reasons a lot of people visit Poland. They use Krakow as a hub to make a trip to the concentration camp and museum. We did the trip and I can only say that it was a very heavy day that left us feeling a little lost and meaningless. We all know the historical facts,...

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Top lesbian cities in Europe

Gay travel web sites often advertise cities as gay-friendly, which is a great way to find a good travel destination. But we all know gay travel isn’t quite the same as lesbian travel. A lot of cities have a vibrant gay nightlife and a nearly non-existent lesbian nightlife. The Belgian capital Brussels is a great example of that. It has dozens of gay bars and no lesbian bars. Madrid – Spain World Pride Host 2017 is on top of our LGBT-friendly cities list. But the Spanish capital is gay-friendly year round. The Chueca Barrio is where most gay bars,...

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Amazing Madrid

The capital of Spain radiates heat in every possible way. With average summer temperatures of over 30°C, you can leave your sweaters and long trousers at home. We visited during the 2017 World Pride and already know we will be back! The World Pride event ensured crowds and an abundance of parties all over town. We can’t wait to visit Madrid again under normal circumstances. Transportation and accommodation How to get there From anywhere in Europe, you can fly to Madrid using low airfare companies. We used Ryanair for this flight, but we have considered going there by train,...

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Lesbian night life in Playa Del Carmen – Does it exist?

Imagine yourself arriving at a new destination after an exhausting day of travel. Next to the desk in your hostel, you find a poster for an LGBT event that is taking place… tonight! What a coincidence! As a queer traveler, an unexpected lesbian event in the town you’re visiting or maybe a pride can be a serious game changer. You’ll probably stay a little longer to get over your hangover and you’ll remember this town forever for holding such a pleasant surprise. I hope this ever happens to us! Usually, we have to do a lot of research without...

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Meet the Rock Star – Sarah Bettens

Sarah Bettens is a lead singer / rock star. She was born in the beautiful Belgium where she started the popular band K’s Choice with her brother. Her lesbian fanbase was very excited when she finally came out as a lesbian to the public. Sarah is an icon for every queer woman in Belgium and beyond. Sarah Bettens is a very busy musician and is currently touring with K’s Choice. In between concerts, she commutes between Europe and her new home base in the US. Why did you choose to move to the US? I moved to the US...

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Eat gender norms for breakfast

What is gender and why should anybody care about it? In short, nobody should care. Still, people care a lot and it’s a cornerstone of our society. Gender is the number one approach to divide people into categories. It seems to be the only method our society knows and uses. There is no place in this world you can go to without being asked your gender. Confusion usually arises in restrooms, airports, town halls, hospitals, … everywhere. For most people gender is obvious and the question isn’t needed, but for some, things are different. I can clearly see why...

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Flores and the Mayan heritage

The Péten region in Guatemala is known for its numerous ruins and Mayan culture. Flores is a perfect hub to visit a lot of these temples. As a tiny peninsula in Lago Peten Itza, this cozy little town is almost completely surrounded by water.The colonial town is a fantastic place to hang out for a while. Restaurants, bars, and hostels are everywhere and the town has a great backpacker vibe. It’s very simple to get a ride to any ruins you want to visit in the region. The most visited ruins in the area are the Tikal ruins. After...

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Lago Atitlan – All you need to know

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase something through one of these links, we get a small commission on the sale. You will never pay extra for an affiliate product. Lago Atitlan is a volcanic crater lake in the Guatemalan Highlands. The area is drenched in a hippie and backpacker vibe. Those who come here and have time to spare will probably stay a long time. The speed of living isn’t very high and this is the perfect place to escape the rat race. Surrounded by dozens of rural villages and guesthouses, Lake Atitlan has something...

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Zadar – Medieval town in Croatia

The ancient town of Zadar is located on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. As the oldest town in the country, the old town really qualifies as “old” and it’s a magnificent place to wander around. Evidence of human life 3 centuries BC has been found close to where the town of Zadar is today. This area has been a popular place to live since… forever. We think that’s enough reason to visit the place! But if you’re looking for more convincing, keep reading! Getting there Traveling between towns is Europe is easy with low-cost flights you can find on...

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Lesbian Travel Blogs

There are so many travel blogs on the web, yet so little about traveling girls. We did some research and found some interesting lesbian travel blogs featuring girls who talk about travel or being queer. These are the websites and blogs we like. Missing any lesbian travel blogs? Please let us know so we can add it to our list! Happy reading!  Lez Backpack Melissa, the creator of Lez Backpack, is a travel blogger who writes about queer travel, lifestyle and cultural differences. Her writing is funny and engaging. On this website, you can read about different travel styles...

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Guatape Colombia – Stones and Water

Guatape is only a day trip away from Medellin, the city of eternal spring. After the build of a hydroelectric dam nearby, the area has been partially drowned. An important landmark in Guatape is ‘the rock’ also known as ‘El Penol de Guatape’. This attraction is the reason for most tourists to visit Guatape. You can travel here on a day trip, but if you have the time, we recommend staying for a few days. Getting there The easiest way to get to Guatape is taking a bus from Medellin. The ride takes two hours and it is a...

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Online Resources – Plan your trip like a pro

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase something through one of these links, we get a small commission on the sale. You will never pay extra for an affiliate product. When we go traveling, we research first. These are the resources we use to expand our knowledge about a destination. We mostly return to the same websites for flights and accommodation reviews, but sometimes we bump into new and interesting websites. We’re in the process of creating articles about volunteering and house sitting as well. Soon, you can find these in our budget travel section! This...

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Medellin – City of Everlasting Spring

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase something through one of these links, we get a small commission on the sale. You will never pay extra for an affiliate product. Medellin is Colombia’s second largest city, after capital Bogota. The city is huge and lies between the hills in the Antioquia region. Equipped with a modern and luxurious metro system, every part of town is perfectly and easily accessible. Medellin also offers a lot of entertaining activities, hundreds of bars and restaurants and the best street food ever. For party animals, El Poblado is the perfect...

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Our Fellow Bloggers

Being a blogger involves a lot of reading and checking our your blogging peers. There are a lot of fellow travel bloggers out there. Here’s a list of our favorites. Wandering Earl Earl has been traveling since 1999 and still is. He’s currently selling small group tours to his followers. This website has been around since the very beginning of my wanderlust. Nomadic Matt Budget travel expert and best selling writer Matt Kepnes is the author of this great website. It’s bulking with information and visually appealing. You’ll definitely find all information about budget backpacking here. The Planet D...

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Rail Europe – travel in style

A train journey through Europe. Going on a big rail trip is a dream I had since I was young and the Trans Siberian is still on my list. Traveling by train is charming and it can take you back in time. Europe is a perfect area for a continental rail trip. High-speed rails connect most capitals in Europe. Other cities are all connected with thousands of kilometers of railroad. Everything is available for a legendary rail journey through this wonderful continent. High-speed Trains Most capitals in Europe are connected by high-speed rail. These don’t really take you back...

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Lago Titicaca – Puno to Copacabana

Lake Titicaca has a few records to its name. It’s the lake with the most amount of water in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world. The lake lies at 3812 meters above sea level, on the border between Peru and Bolivia. The main reason for tourists to visit the lake is the floating islands of Uros, which are visited daily by hordes of visitors. The villages and cities surrounding the lake have a charm of their own. Lake Titicaca can be discovered independently. If you rather join a group to travel to the lake, we...

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Semuc Champey – Natural wonder in Guatemala

Semuc Champey is a Guatemalan gem that every traveler in Guatemala should visit. Located in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle, these natural pools lie on top of the fast flowing Rio Cahabon. The river itself is perfect for floating on inner tubes. Most hostels in the area offer river tubing as an activity. At Semuc Champey, the wild Rio Cahabon goes underground for a few hundred meters. The surface above the river has a series of limestone pools that look like they’re from another planet. Getting there Located in Central Guatemala, Semuc Champey is accessible from everywhere, though...

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