Best Antigua coffee tours to do while in Guatemala

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What we talk about in this article

Guatemala is one of the largest coffee producers in Latin America. That means that growing and roasting coffee beans is the livelyhood of a large percentage of the Guatemalan people. So, if you still think that you can visit Guatemala without checking out a local coffee plantation, you’re all wrong! We recommend visiting a coffee farm during your trip, for instance, by booking one of these Antigua coffee tours. 

All of these excursions can be done as a day trip from Antigua, so, no need to hold back and give a little to the Guatemalan community by visiting their farms. 

Of course, you can always contribute more by buying coffee while you’re there or even have lunch at the end of your tour.

Let’s dive straight in with the best option of this list:

1. De La Gente coffee tour

As a clear winner, De La Gente coffee tour is one of the most sustainable ways to explore the Guatemalan coffee culture. They are a local initiative which supports multiple coffee plantations in the area. 

Book this Antigua coffee tour if you want to be part of an authentic, sustainable coffee growing process.  During the tour, a local guide will take you through the plantation and show you the interesting parts. After that, you get to see how the coffee beans are processed, cleaned, and roasted. At the end of the tour, you’ll be offered a delicious cup of coffee to taste the local brew.

What's included in this coffee tour

  • Pick-up in Antigua (at the Ermita de Santa Lucía Catholic Church) 
  • English and / or Spanish guidance
  • Guided tour of the plantation
  • Cleaning of the beans
  • Roasting of the beans
  • Tasting of the coffee
  • Optional: delicious local lunch

How to book this tour

You can book this tour directly on their website. If you engage in this tour, you know that you’re supporting the local coffee farms, which are to livelyhood of so many local people in the Antigua area. 

So, before looking at the other tours in our list, check out this one!

2. ATV coffee tour

This is one of the most popular coffee tours in Antigua Guatemala. It combines local culture with adrenalin, which is the secret happy-solution for many backpackers and travellers.

During this tour, you explore the Antigua area on an ATV, which is a quad vehicle. Expect some adrenalin while driving through the rural countryside that surrounds the town of Antigua. 

Your destination: a local coffee farm where you can park up the ATV and get a guided tour. This tour is guided by a local farmer who provides information about how the beans are grown, how the farm operates, and how the beans are harvested. 

After visiting the coffee farm, you get to drive up to the scenic viewpoint at Cerro de la Cruz, which looks out over Antigua. 

The tour ends where it began: at the tour office in Antigua.

Visit the Finca La Azotea coffee plantation near Antigua
Visit the Finca La Azotea coffee plantation near Antigua

What's included in this Antigua Coffee tour?

  • Start from the office in Antigua (no pick-up)
  • Use of the ATV vehicle
  • Guided tour of the coffee farm
  • Access to the music museum
  • Drive to Cerro de la Cruz
  • Designated transportation guide for your group

How to book this tour

You can book this tour before you even arrive in Antigua, just to make sure you get a spot during this trip.

3. Sip & Cycle - coffee tour

Follow a local guide while cycling through the outskirts and surroundings of the Antigua region. This half-day bike tour is a unique way to explore the area, quicker than on foot, but slow enough to enjoy the scenery. Every once in a while, make a full stop to explore details or ask questions.

During this tour, you’re not only cycling around Antigua and its surroundings, but you also cycle through a coffee plantation, where you get to see how the coffee beans grow and thrive.

Coffee beans harvest in Antigua Guatemala
Coffee beans harvest in Antigua Guatemala

What's included in this tour?

  • Use of a nice mountain bike, helmet, and gloves
  • 1 liter water bottle (as a gift)
  • Guided cycling tour through Antigua
  • Entrance to the Finca Azotea coffee plantation in Jocotenango
  • Guided tour of the plantation
  • Learn about how coffee is grown and harvested
  • See the coffee roasting process
  • Access to the Mayan music and textile Museum
  • Taste the best coffee in the Antigua Valley

How to book this excursion from Antigua?

You can book this coffee tour in Antigua online.

4. Visit an organic coffee, honey, and avocado farm in Antigua

Want to explore more of organic farming than just coffee? 

The combination of coffee and avocado in one integrated plantation system is a great combination, as both go together pretty well. Avocado plants are a great undergrow plant in addition to the higher coffee plants. Combining these 2 has the advantage of a better water-efficiency and it results in higher quality coffee as a result.

So, this concept is not unique, but it sure is interesting to visit and see.

As a part of this tour, you get a few fun additional activities. You’ll learn how to make guacamole and corn tortillas. You also learn about the importance of bees and see how honey is extracted. There’s so much interesting information in this tour, you won’t regret selecting this one!

Organic coffee farm near Antigua
Organic coffee farm near Antigua

What's included in this coffee tour

  • Transport from the meeting point in Antigua to the coffee farm
  • Guided tour through the plantation
  • Learn about all the organic processes in this farm
  • Coffee tasting

How to book this tour

This eco tour to an organic farm near Antigua can simply be booked online.

What you need to know about coffee culture in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua’s prominence in the realm of specialty coffee is a testament to its thriving coffee culture, rich history, and unparalleled quality. Explore the flavors and traditions of Antigua coffee to truly savor the essence of Guatemala’s coffee heritage.

Coffee is one of the most important export products for Guatemala. Interesting information? Read more interesting facts about Guatemala before you travel there!

Here are a few things to know before you deep-dive into the world of Guatemalan coffee making!

History and Significance

Antigua Coffee stands out as one of the distinguished specialty coffee regions in Guatemala, recognized by the National Coffee Association. With a rich history of cultivation dating back years, Antigua has become synonymous with premium coffee production.

Geographical Advantage

Nestled within the Guatemalan Central Highlands and stretching towards the southern Pacific coast, the region’s diverse geography provides the perfect ecosystem for growing high-quality coffee beans. The combination of elevation, rainfall patterns, and volcanic soil contributes to the unique flavour profiles found in Antigua coffee.

Guatemalan coffee beans
Guatemalan coffee beans

Flavorful Varieties

Antigua is known for producing coffee beans with distinctive profiles, characterized by their balanced acidity, fruity notes, and hints of chocolate. The meticulous harvesting and processing methods employed by local farmers further enhance the overall quality of Antigua coffee, making it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Cultural Influence

Beyond its exceptional coffee, Antigua’s coffee culture reflects a deep-rooted tradition that celebrates the art of cultivating and brewing the perfect cup. The region’s passion for coffee is evident in its vibrant coffee festivals, specialty cafes, and farm tours, offering visitors a firsthand glimpse into the intricate world of Antigua’s coffee industry.

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