Airbnb first booking coupon – Grab your Airbnb discount now!

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Airbnb is a well-known accommodation service for travelers and the Airbnb platform allows you to stay with locals while you travel their country or city or you could choose to have your own private accommodation.

The good news is that the platform offers an Airbnb first booking coupon to new users!

Even if you’re not new to Airbnb, you can still use the Airbnb coupon to get the discount on your booking with Airbnb. This promo is pretty generous and you’d be mad not to take advantage of this.

New to Airbnb? then it is a cool opportunity! Already using Airbnb? Keep reading to find out how to use the Airbnb coupon code anyway.

Airbnb is an online platform where you can book different types of rooms with locals.

Properties vary in size and location and you can either get just a room or rent an entire apartment.

The accommodation can be located in the city center of any town or it could be a cabin by the lake.

Airbnb also offers specialty listings, where you can sleep in tree houses, castles, or even a river boat.

We listed a few gorgeous Airbnb listings in Europe. So if you like some inspiration for your next stay, check it out!

Airbnb is also a great platform for long term renting and most listings have a discount when you stay for a month or longer, that’s why the platform is quite popular for digital nomads and long term travelers.

Using the Airbnb coupon code for the first time?

If you’re a new user on Airbnb, the first booking coupon is immediately applicable for you and it results in a discount of around 30€.

First, you need to sign up for Airbnb using your Google account, Facebook account or just your email address. Click the ‘sign up to claim your credit’ button in order to get your discount.

The credit will be added to your account automatically and it will be deducted from your first purchase that’s over 65€.

The 30€ Airbnb discount for first time users will be applied immediately once you book a stay of at least 65€. The amount of the Airbnb coupon slightly changes every few weeks, but it’s always around 30€.

Don’t worry, if you’re paying in US dollars or any other currency, the discount will adapt to your local currency.

Just sign up with this Airbnb first booking coupon in order to get your Airbnb discount.

Easy peasy!

Get your coupon here!

Using the Airbnb first booking code again?

If you already have an Airbnb account, you’re not eligible for the discount code for first time users, unless you sign up to Airbnb again with a different email address.

Maybe your partner isn’t using Airbnb yet or you have a second email address you can use to sign up.

Refer a friend

Airbnb first booking codes work with a referral system in order to attract new users.

We use the Airbnb refer a friend system to offer our readers the Airbnb first booking code discount and you can do the same.

Once you signed up with the Airbnb discount link, you can start referring your friends to Airbnb as well and earn referral credit once they join.

Worldwide listings

Airbnb is available all over the world and I haven’t found too many places where there were no listings available.

The accommodations are usually cheaper than hotels, depending on where you want to sleep.

The home owners set the price for their room or home and you can choose to search within your right price range.

Have a look at these stunning Airbnb listings in Europe. Or do you feel more like a visit to these beautiful chalets in Austria?

Become an Airbnb host

Airbnb is also a great platform to earn some extra money to add to your travel budget. If you have a spare room in your house or maybe you have a private property you can rent out, Airbnb is an easy platform to use for renting rooms.

Once you become an Airbnb host, Airbnb will send a photographer to your place to shoot the best professional pictures for your listing for free.

Conclusion: Airbnb first booking coupon

Once you claimed your Airbnb first time booking coupon here, you can start finding the coolest accommodation to stay at.

Check these 30 cool places to stay in or find out if you can become an Airbnb host if you have a room to spare in your house!

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