Okay, summer is over. But that is no reason to sit around sobbing. As a matter of fact, it is the perfect time to go on a new adventure! In need of some inspiration? Take your pick out of these 10 epic adventures that should be on your winter bucket list 😉

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Winter Bucket List

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1. Adrenaline pumping helicopter skiing adventure

The first item on this winter bucket list is absolutely a spectacular one. Talking about taking skiing to another level! Get your adrenaline pumping while enjoying the astonishing views from the helicopter.  Learn the methods of the free ride and how to ski out of tracks. Don’t get scared now!

Some excellent helicopter skiing can be done in Andorra. 

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Winter Bucket List

Photo by Sam Ekpil on Unsplash

2. Husky sled ride and quest for the Northern light

A quest for the Northern light can’t be excluded from this winter bucket list! This extraordinary phenomenon is absolutely breathtaking. What better way to explore a magical winter wonder landscape then together with man’s best friend? That way you will have a fabulous day, even if you don’t manage to catch a glimpse of the Northern light.

You can combine these two top activities on a tour in Tromso, Norway.  

Tip: Maybe you’re in a Christmassy mood? Then pick the Reindeer sledding tour! This one is even combined with a traditional Sami dinner and personal stories from the Sami reindeer herders. 

Winter Bucket List

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3. Ice caving and Glacier hiking tour

Number three on this epic winter bucket list is no less than a hiking tour on a glacier. Get ready to be stunned by some marvelous views and natural ice formations. Some tours even include a venture in an ice cave. Watch out for caverns!

Iceland is excellent to do some ice cave exploring and glacier hiking. 

4. Embark on a magical Polar Fjord cruise

Did you ever get the chance to see Fjords? This activity guarantees surreal views of fjords and includes also some wildlife spotting. That is why a Polar Fjord cruise is our number four on this winter bucket list. Enjoy the scenery, breathe in the fresh air and spot all kinds of animals. A relaxing day surrounded by some of nature most astonishing creations might just be what you need.

Tromso, Norway is the spot to do this Polar fjord cruise

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5. Enjoy a snowmobile sleigh adventure

Maybe you just want to sit back and relax whilst enjoying a not so everyday adventure? Then this amazing tour is exactly what you need! A combination of a perfect setting and cool transportation with a winter BBQ! This might be your next winter expedition. An experienced guide will drive the snowmobile which will pull the sleigh around some breathtaking landscapes!

Rovaniemi in Lapland is the place to be for this snowmobile sleigh adventure!

Winter Bucket List

Photo by Linnea Friberg on Unsplash

6. Experience the thrill of riding a snowmobile

Nobody must pull your sleigh! 🙂 If you think number 5 on this winter bucket list is too soft for you then you might just like number 6! There are tons of cool snowmobile tours to pick from. Some snowmobile trips are combined with a sightseeing tour, a fishing trip or even an ice caving tour.

Tours can be found in Iceland and Lapland.

7. Do some Ice floating while observing the Northern light

Get your freak on and choose number 7 on this winter bucket list! Why not float around in complete darkness in some creepy icy waters? If you opt to take a tour at night, there is also a good possibility to spot the Northern light while you are floating around, minding your own business.

Lapland offers some really cool opportunities to do this activity. 

8. Go on an epic ice fishing trip

Not such a big fan of being in the freezy water? But you wouldn’t mind doing some fishing there? Then an ice fishing trip is a good fit for you! You will learn how to make a decent hole in the ice, practice your ice fishing skills and work with the right tools. Relax in the pristine white landscape while catching your lunch for the winter BBQ. Go for it!

To join one of the epic ice fishing trips go to Rovaniemi, Finland. 

9. Join a snowshoe hike through nature’s most beautiful spots

Does a snowshoe hike sounds kind of dull? Well, it absolutely isn’t! You get the chance to wander through the icy forests or over the white winter plains. All the time surrounded by some truly dramatic backdrops. Some tours you can take by night which again gives you a chance to spot the Aurora Borealis.

Snowshoeing trips are available in a lot of countries and regions. For example in Lapland, the Dolomites and the Swiss Alps. Take a look at the tours below. 

10. Meet Santa Claus and his reindeers

Last but not least, go and meet Santa Claus and his reindeers! Make a childhood dream come true and treat yourself (with or without kids) on this perfect tour. Even if you don’t believe in Christmas, this trip will be a precious memory to cherish forever. There is also an option to spice it up with an additional snowmobile tour!

The setting for the number 10 on our winter bucket list is Lapland. 

Did you discover your next Europe winter tour here? Let us know if you do and comment below!

Happy winter holidays everyone!

Winter Bucket List
Winter Bucket List

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