10 Secluded beaches in Europe – Escape the Crowds on Remote Beaches

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Need to find inspiration for an upcoming trip?

With a trip to the beach, you can hardly go wrong!

We compiled a list of secluded beaches in Europe that are lesser known or different.

Avoid huge crowds and enjoy long walks on more or less remote beaches in Europe.

Beware! Not every destination is suitable for all year swimming and some of these beaches even require warm jackets.

Sopot – Poland

Poland isn’t really known for its beach destinations. Most people who visit Poland, stick to Krakow, Gdansk or Warsaw.

That’s why the beach in Sopot isn’t as crowded as many other beaches in Europe.

The Baltic coast of Poland offers multiple beach destinations. Sopot is the most popular and lively.

In the summertime, this small town is visited by Polish people and tourists alike. The town is also known for the crooked house which houses a tavern.

Best time to visit the north of Poland is during the summer months. Between June and September temperatures are higher. Sopot is a 10-minute train ride away from Gdansk and can easily be combined with a city trip to this authentic town.

10 Secluded beaches in Europe - Escape the Crowds on Remote Beaches
Us enjoying some quiet time at Sopot beach

Praia de Adraga – Portugal

Portugal just has so many beaches, it’s hard to pick one. That’s why we picked two and there are many more.

The first one is close to the town of Sintra and Lisbon. Adraga beach is located on the eastern side of Portugal and it’s great for surfing.

Praia de Adraga is also known for its stunning sunsets, which makes it one of the best beaches in Europe. On windy days the sea can get wild and that is a spectacular sight.

Praia dos Três Irmãos – Portugal

This long beach between Lagos and Portimão in the South of Portugal offers a very long stretch of beach.

If you visit this part of the stretch close to Portimão, you’ll see the unique rock formations typical for the Algarve region. The close by beach Praia de Rochas has quite a few caves to explore and also features the typical rock formations.

This region of Portugal is a popular tourist destination and you probably won’t be alone.

Kynance Cove – UK

The UK isn’t remembered for its tropical climate, but there are quite a few beautiful windy beaches to discover in the UK.

Kynance Cove is located in the South of the country and looks over the Atlantic Ocean. The cool rock formations surrounding the beach make this destination also a great fit for visits during mid seasons.

Although this place is wonderful for swimming in summer, the views are spectacular all year round.

Luskentyre beach – Scotland

On Harris Island in the north of Scotland, you can find kilometers desolate white sandy stretches of beach. You won’t have trouble imagining yourself on some Caribbean beach while you’re there, except maybe the temperature might give it away.

With its crystal clear water and golden beach, Luskentyre beach is probably one of the best beaches in Europe and definitely in the UK.

The Outer Hebride Islands aren’t your tropical destination of choice. Still, in summer, you have a good chance on sunny days.

This beach isn’t just for sunbathing though. It’s a wonderful sight and a great deserted place for long and windy beach walks.

Liepaja Beach – Latvia

Could this be one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe? You probably weren’t expecting Latvia to be a stunning beach destination.

Well, it is. Liepaja Beach on the Baltic Sea is a real gem. With its wide stretch of perfect sandy beach in the west of Latvia, Liepaja is a must-visit when in the neighborhood.

The semi-sunken fort in the sea can be viewed from the beach and is a cool sight when the sea is rough.

Lago di Braies – Italy

Even though this beach is not located by the ocean, it’s still technically a beach.

Lago di Braies is a lake beach and it’s simply stunning! Located in the north of Italy, the lake is easily accessible from multiple cities such as Milan, Venice, and Innsbruck.

This is one of the best lake beaches in Europe and a perfect place to rent a cabin by the lake.

Cala Varques Beach – Spain

This white sanded, secluded beach is located on the east coast of the island Mallorca.

Varques beach can be reached by boat or a 15-minute hike. It’s the least crowded beach on the island and a good location to do sea kayaking.

When the sea is wild, it’s cool to watch the waves crash into the rocks. If you’re an adventurous soul, you can swim into an underwater cave network.

Skallerup – Denmark

Denmark has tons of awesome and wild beaches. Skallerup is just one of the many paradise destinations in Denmark.

It’s located in the North of Jutland or Jylland.

While you might be lucky and catch a few hot summer days at the beach, Jutland can be very windy at times.

This quiet beach destination is a good place to clear your head or practice your stage voice.

Ponza Chiaia – Italy

The tiny island of Ponza at the coast of Italy feels magical and secret.

Steep cliffs, picturesque towns with sailboat-filled harbors and mythical caves.

Ponza is an Italian dream destination that can‘t stay a secret much longer. Explore the Roman labyrinth of tunnels and enjoy the beach!

This last destination is just so interesting and there are loads of cool things to be seen and done to next to some fun days at the beach!

10 Secluded beaches in Europe - Escape the Crowds on Remote Beaches
Ponza - Photo by Ferhat Deniz Fors on Unsplash

Escape the crowds at these secluded Beaches in Europe

We can never guarantee you’ll find beaches in Europe to be deserted since our world doesn’t hold many secrets these days.

Chances are you’ll run into other visitors anywhere you go. But we tried to list a few of the less crowded beaches and we hope to inspire you while choosing your next travel destination!

Need some more inspiration? Check out our post about the best nature in Europe.

Let us know about your favorite uncrowded beaches in Europe!

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10 Secluded beaches in Europe
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