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LGBTQ travel can be challenging. How to deal with different cultures and habits. Where to celebrate pride and where to find the most beautiful train trips in Europe? We don’t just talk about Europe but also about backpacking to foreign destinations all over the world. How to avoid being scammed while traveling and how to never pay too much for accommodation again… That’s why we created this lesbian travel blog to help you find answers to all these questions and a lot more!

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23 Things to know before Traveling to China

What you need to know before traveling to China China is an interesting destination that speaks to the imagination. It’s the type of country that some of us love, while others detest it. Because of the vast difference in culture and habits, we made a list...

Top Lesbian cities in Europe

1. Madrid – Spain

World Pride Host 2017 is on top of our LGBT-friendly cities list. But the Spanish capital is gay-friendly year round.

2. Berlin – Germany

One of the most gay-friendly cities in Europe is Berlin. It’s also a great lesbian destination in Europe.

Top Lesbian Cities in Europe - Only Once Today

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Travel is always in the back of our minds. The urge to explore new land and discover the gems of the world is bigger than ever. We need to roam the earth.



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