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When we go traveling, we research first. These are the resources we use to expand our knowledge about a destination. We mostly return to the same websites for flights and accommodation reviews, but sometimes we bump into new and interesting websites. We’re in the process of creating articles about volunteering and house sitting as well. Soon, you can find these in our budget travel section! This is our list.

Online Resources


Before taking off on a new adventure, you might be doing the same things we do. First, we decide where to go. We use Pinterest a lot for travel inspiration. There’s a lot of information to be found on this platform and it’s easy to navigate.

Getting there

Leaving your home to a new destination is an exciting step in a trip. We enjoy the feeling of stepping into unknown lands and the excitement it brings. Getting there is a necessary step in the process. I’m just guessing nobody really likes long distance flights and airport formalities. We don’t. As budget travelers, we do think it’s important to find good deals on flights and other transportation.


CheapTickets is our number one resource for booking flights. It has an easy to use interface and it always finds you some of the cheapest options for booking flights. The only down point is the fact that they don’t really have a good mobile alternative to find flights.


SkyScanner is a great tool to find the best prices for flights. This website is internationally known and has millions of users worldwide. SkyScanner also has a mobile app, which makes it a good all-round alternative.


Expedia is an all-round solution to find cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals all at once. We mostly use the flights' section, but you can easily book your entire vacation within this platform. Expedia also has a great mobile app.


Hopper is a fairly new player on the market, but it’s an interesting one. Hopper calculates when to best book your flight. It predicts when the price for your flight will drop and alerts you when to book. Hopper is only available as a mobile app and it has gained a lot of popularity the last year.



Things to do

After we roughly decided on where to go, we want to know what there is to see and do. It’s quite common to merge this step with the first one. Knowing tourist attractions can be interesting and there are a lot of websites out there to help you with that.


Tripadvisor is a great website for research. This platform hosts reviews for almost anything travel related. This review collection website offers information, reviews, and prices for accommodation, attractions, and tours.


For some destinations, we book accommodation in advance. For other destinations, it can be exciting to just find a place to sleep once you get there. It all depends on the destination and the time of arrival of course. When we’re looking for accommodation, we tend to go back to the same websites over and over. Every now and then we find a new gem. This is our list of accommodation resources.

When booking a hotel, we always use I know there are other websites out there, but I just enjoy the practicality of the website and the ease of booking a hotel. The hotel database on this platform is extended and almost every hotel is in there. Chances are good you’ll find a great place to sleep through this website. The starring system is very convenient when making a decision. You can do a rating for your own stays as well. 


HostelWorld is a great place to roam around. We’re into hostels because they’re a great way to meet other travelers. HostelWorld gathers all these hostels and shows you the best ones. Booking through this platform is very easy and straightforward. The mobile app works like a charm and keeps track of your bookings. After your stay, you can rate your experience.




The last few years Airbnb has grown from a small rental service to a worldwide accommodation matchmaker. We used AirBnB numerous times and have never been disappointed so far. Sleeping in local houses is also a great opportunity to blend in and see a destination in a different way. Prices vary greatly, but we always found budget-friendly rooms and apartments on our way. We recommend this website to everyone. By signing up through this link, you’ll receive AirBnB credit for your first trip. If you decide to book accommodation through our link, we also get some travel credit. 




Couchsurfing is the ultimate way to discover a destination on a budget while being submerged into the culture completely. Most hosts will gladly make time to guide you through their hometown or area. This hospitality platform is known worldwide and has hosts all over the world. It is possible to find a couch or a spare room almost anywhere in the world for free. You are expected to show enough gratitude and respect for your host. 




Trustroots is a Couchsurfing alternative. This platform is based on trust and recently became an invite-only platform.Trustroots aims to be a worldwide hospitality network where trust and respect are most important. That’s why they changed their member system. 




We love traveling by ourselves, but every now and then we like to join a tour for certain destinations or activities. Tours can take away a lot of hassle and organisation trouble. On the same time it takes away some of the real travel experience. Due to cultural differences or language barriers, many people choose to take a tour with a trustworthy organisation. We’ve tried a few and these are the ones we like best. 

G Adventures

G Adventures has been around for a while and get a lot of positive feedback. We toured China with them and were very satisfied. The tour groups are small and this is really a better way to explore than with a large group. Our guide was wonderful too. We booked a very cheap (discounted) tour with them and everything was taken care of last minute. Their help desk is great as well.


Intrepid has years of experience in leading tours and it shows. I traveled to Central America with Intrepid. The itinerary and the guide were just perfect. Everything was well taken care of. Groups with Intrepid are also small and this is great for experiencing rural areas.


Djoser is a travel agency in Belgium and the Netherlands. Trips usually include flights from Amsterdam. This doesn’t mean you can’t book if you’re not dutch, but you’ll probably be surrounded by them. For dutch travelers, this is the perfect way to meet other people from your region and make friends for life.


Volunteering is a good budget-friendly travel style. In exchange for a few hours of work per day, you usually get accommodation and food for free. Unlike the websites you can find through a Google search, these organizations don’t ask for a fee to work for them. I’ve seen volunteering opportunities online that cost more than a luxurious vacation to that destination. The websites we listed below, are trustworthy and cheap! 


WorkAway is one of the best volunteering websites around. The only fee you have to pay is for signing up. You pay per year to be able to send a message to the hosts. After making a stunning profile you can start sending messages to hosts. Assignments exist of hostel work, organic farming, working with children, construction, … Anything really. We love this website a lot. 




WWOOF is a volunteering network which mostly has organic farming jobs available. We don’t like the system that much because you have to become a member of each individual country WWOOF website. It’s an international organization, but still, you have to choose one country to become a member and be able to contact hosts.




HelpX is very similar to WorkAway. We haven’t used it yet. But if you’re looking to volunteer in the near future, this might be worth checking out.

These are our resource links. If you think there's something missing, don't hesitate to leave a comment or send us a message. 

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Online Resources – Plan your trip like a pro

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