Breathtaking Iguassu

Breathtaking Iguassu - Travel Photography

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My name is Inge. I'm a traveler, writer and photographer. All those things I want to share with you. I've traveled a lot and wish to explore some more unknown territory.

6 Responses to “Breathtaking Iguassu

  • WHOA! And I thought I saw everything ’bout waterfalls when I was visiting Iceland. This is quite something else.. What a wonder of nature!!!

    • Hey Laura, thanks for commenting! We were really impressed by Iguassu too. So much water crashing down… Iceland is very high on our list 🙂

  • Amazing pictures! This was one of my highlights during my trip through South America. I’ve never seen anything like it 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment 😀 it is one of our highlights as well!

  • Wow! These are very beautiful bodies of water! It is really breath-taking. It looks dangerous too. I think if I go near them, I’d feel nauseous.

    • The falls are quite powerful indeed. I wouldn’t jump in either and I must admit that I was scared to be standing to close to such lethal power of nature.

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Breathtaking Iguassu

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