Gay travel web sites often advertise cities as gay-friendly, which is a great way to find a good travel destination. But we all know gay travel isn’t quite the same as lesbian travel. A lot of cities have a vibrant gay nightlife and a nearly non-existent lesbian nightlife. The Belgian capital Brussels is a great example of that. It has dozens of gay bars and no lesbian bars.

Madrid – Spain – Top lesbian destination

World Pride Host 2017 is on top of our LGBT-friendly cities list. But the Spanish capital is gay-friendly year round. The Chueca Barrio is where most gay bars, restaurants, and clubs are located. Madrid has lesbian and feminist bookstores and there even is a sex shop that is female oriented. In addition to mostly gay Chueca, the Bohemian Lavapiès offers more lesbian activities. Check out this article on lesbian bars in Madrid. Hostal Pizarro is a great LGBT-friendly hostel in the Chueca district.

Berlin – Germany – Lesbian-friendly destination

One of the most gay-friendly cities in Europe is Berlin. The hipster city attracts thousands of gays travelers each year to attend different gay events. Berlin Pride lasts two full weeks and is a traveler favorite. This year, the pride parade takes place on the 22nd of July. You can still make that! The Berlin lesbian scene is quite large and spread over the entire city center. If you’re looking for a great lesbian party in Berlin, check out the monthly L-Tunes and Girls Town party dates. As for LGBT-friendly accommodation in Berlin, most gay-friendly hotels are for men only. But Airbnb also has thousands of listings in Berlin. If you sign up to Airbnb with our link, you’ll get a discount on your first booking and we’ll get a discount too.

Amsterdam – The Netherlands – LGBT paradise in Europe

Amsterdam is labeled as a city for sex, drugs, and nightlife. Doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, Amsterdam offers all three labels for everyone. The yearly Gay Pride or Canal Pride is a little different than most Pride events. The Pride Parade is held with boats and floats on the cozy Amsterdam canals. The gay scene in Amsterdam is mostly mixed. Hostelle is a women only hostel in Amsterdam. They only have dorms, but it’s a very cool hostel. If you’re looking to get a private room, most Amsterdam accommodation is gay-friendly.

Stockholm – Sweden

The lesbian scene in Stockholm is thriving. There isn’t really a gay neighborhood and queer bars, restaurants and clubs are scattered over town. The 2018 EuroPride will be hosted by Stockholm and Gothenburg and it promises to be spectacular. The best time to visit Stockholm for queer parties is summer since a lot of open air parties are organized in the summertime. An extra plus is the magical location of Stockholm and the abundance of nature close to the city. Langholmen Hotell is a very cool hotel that is set in an old prison.

Manchester – United Kingdom – Top LGBT destination

Manchester is a well-known gay destination. The original and legendary tv series “Queer as Folk” was filmed in Manchester. The city counts a lot of gay facilities as well as the popular Vanilla Club for women. The queer village in Manchester is located on Canal Street. Velvet Hotel is an LGBT-friendly hotel located within minutes from Canal Street.

Copenhagen – Denmark – Gay and Lesbian-friendly city

Denmark has always been a gay-friendly destination. The Scandinavian open attitude towards homosexuality can be witnessed in Copenhagen. With a wide variety of LGBT bars, clubs and restaurants Copenhagen has something to offer for everyone. Recommendation for lesbian travelers: Vela Club. A traveler favorite accommodation in Copenhagen is Adina Apartment Hotel.

Malmö – Sweden – Lesbian haven in the north

Across the water from Copenhagen, it’s easy to combine both cities in one trip. Malmö is the third biggest city in Sweden and it’s a real queer hotspot. Lesbian breakfast is the next big thing in Sweden and you can do it in Malmö on Sunday mornings with Lesbisk Frukost. Check out this girls guide to Malmö for more information on bars and activities. Malmö has a lot of great Airbnb listings. If you sign up to Airbnb with this link, you’ll get a discount on your first booking.

Athens – Greece – Lesbian Destination in Europe

Athens has been a lesbian haven for ages and a lot of lesbian bars and clubs can be found in this ancient city. Even though the gay places still outnumber the lesbian options, there are quite a few lesbian bars to be found. The Greek Lesbian Webpage offers a lot of information on the subject. Noiz Club is the most popular lesbian bar in Athens. To make your lesbian Greek holiday complete, Destination Damselfly offers lesbian-oriented tours and holiday packages. The Greek pride is also organized in Athens each year.

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Gay travel web sites often advertise cities as gay-friendly, which is a great way to find a good travel destination. But we all know gay travel isn’t quite the same as lesbian travel. A lot of cities have a vibrant gay nightlife and a nearly non-existent lesbian...

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