LGBT Labels – Are you confused? Me too!


Recently I tried to join a gender-related group on Facebook when I was asked some questions. Are you masculine? Reasonable question because I am, so I answered positively. But then the labels followed and I must admit I never heard of those before. Maybe I’m the only one and this article is useless, but I guess not. That’s why I looked it up and did some research. Here's what I found.

LGBT Labels - Are you confused? Me too

The reason

My biggest concern about these labels is the act of labeling itself. We’re trying to escape the male-female dogma which puts people into different cubicles. By naming every different type of person, we’re doing exactly the same. We’re creating even more cubicles. On the other hand, I understand that people are curious about themselves and they want to find a place to fit in. That is a good reason to define differences if it actually helps. The human race is very keen on categorizing everything while it might not be necessary. I love the idea of being just free to be whoever I wish to be.

There are no labels

The thing is: every term means something else to someone else. The labels are different for everyone. I might consider myself so many different things. I’m a butch, masculine, genderqueer maybe, transgender, gender non-binary, FTM -although I didn’t transition and don’t intend to. What the hell am I really? Do I ever exactly fit in one of those categories? Probably I’m a little of this and a little of that. I can live in peace not knowing which boxes I should tick to describe myself. But there might be some good reasons to categorize after all.

Labels: masculine
Labels - Perhaps...

Why it matters

Outsiders or bystanders will mostly have a different idea of what you are than what you actually are. Will we try to educate everyone and explain them how we feel? There will always be naysayers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. A neat description of an idea you don’t understand might be a good thing to educate mankind. A lot of people still believe being gay is a choice you make, so where to begin? We begin describing stuff, starting with the simple, evolving to the extensive list of labels.

Who knows?

I don’t. That’s why I did some research on the subject. Most of the glossaries have the same lists and words, so these are a few lists that are pretty comprehensive.

Facebook Trans Alliance

The FB Trans Alliance is a support group for gender non-conform people. Their list is the most elaborate and interesting. Good read!

A comprehensive list of LGBTQ+ Vocubulary definitions.

Sam Killerman is the mastermind behind ‘It’s pronounced Metrosexual’. His writing is fun and interesting. Sam is an activist, educator, and artist. This article with vocabulary and definitions is a great resource.

Trans and Queer glossary

This PDF glossary is written by the LGBT campus center of the University of Wisconsin. It’s very comprehensive. I’m actually learning things…

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LGBT Labels – Are you confused? Me too!

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