All our travel tips and experiences. How to travel on a budget and how to travel as a lesbian couple. Everything we do outside of Belgium, can be travel related.

Meet the ... Martial Artist

Meet the … Martial Artist

Will is a British guy who said goodbye to Europe to study martial arts in Asia. For the last decade,...

Travel With Allergies

Travel with allergies

Food allergies can be a serious spoiler for trips. Language barriers make everything more challenging. When you have major food...

Travel On A Budget - Tips and Tricks

How To Stay On Budget

Some travelers like to keep track of their expenses, while others simply set a week travel budget and keep to...

Ultimate Bucket List

Bucket List

Bucket list items are activities you dream about. They can be daunting, expensive or extraordinary. Recently we decided it would...

Our Favourite Reads

The Best Travel Books

A good book can make you empathize with different characters and drag you into the story. We both enjoy reading...

Endless Travel - Upgrade your life

Endless Travel: upgrade your life

Being the king of the nomads Traveling on a budget tends to keep you away from expensive places. Good budget...

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