Budget Travel

Traveling can be expensive. Luckely it can also be cheap. We ‘ve put our thoughts about budget travel together and are trying to share valuable information about budgetting while traveling. Tips, tricks, experiences, anekdotes and much more. Keep reading and discover how to do it. Follow our journey to make travel better and affordable. Save money on accommodation, transportation, food and excursions. Traveling on a budget can upgrade your life. We will tell you how and why. All you need to know on budget travel.

Online Resources

Online Resources – Plan your trip like a pro

When we go traveling, we research first. These are the resources we use to expand our knowledge about a destination....

How To Find The Best Accommodation

How to find the best accommodation

This is the first time we’re writing an article because people are asking us for tips. It must be a sign!...

Haggle Like a Pro and Save Money

9 tips to get a better price

Haggling is a standard activity in many markets and shops around the world. Why not try it to get cheaper...

Travel On A Budget - Tips and Tricks

How To Stay On Budget

Some travelers like to keep track of their expenses, while others simply set a week travel budget and keep to...