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Lesbian Nightlife in Playa Del Carmen - Does it exist? LGBT - Mexico

Lesbian night life in Playa Del Carmen – Does it exist?

Imagine yourself arriving at a new destination after an exhausting day of travel. Next to the desk in your hostel...

Meet the Rock Star - Sarah Bettens

Meet the Rock Star – Sarah Bettens

Sarah Bettens is a lead singer / rock star. She was born in the beautiful Belgium where she started the...

Eat Gender Norms for Breakfast - LGBT - Gender Confusion - Gender

Eat gender norms for breakfast

What are gender norms and why should anybody care about it? In short, nobody should care. Still, people care a...

Flores Guatemala - Mayan Heritage

Flores and the Mayan heritage

The Péten region in Guatemala is known for its numerous ruins and Mayan culture. Flores is a perfect hub to...

Lago Atitlan Guatemala - Quick Guide

Lago Atitlan – All you need to know

Lago Atitlan is a volcanic crater lake in the Guatemalan Highlands. The area is drenched in a hippie and backpacker...

4 Days In Zadar - Croatia

Zadar – Medieval town in Croatia

The ancient town of Zadar is located on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. As the oldest town in the country,...

Lesbian Travel Blogs to Follow

Lesbian Travel Blogs

There are so many travel blogs on the web, yet so little about traveling girls. We did some research and...

Guatape Quick Guide - Colombia - Guatape - Guide

Guatape Colombia – Stones and Water

Guatape is only a day trip away from Medellin, the city of eternal spring. After the build of an hydro-electric...

Roadtrip in Pictures - Barcelona to Valencia

Spain Road Trip in Pictures – Barcelona to Valencia

Find Accommodation in Barcelona Barcelona Guide Spain Guide Driving in Spain Find Accommodation in Valencia

Online Resources

Online Resources – Plan your trip like a pro

When we go traveling, we research first. These are the resources we use to expand our knowledge about a destination....

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