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Hello! Welcome to our travel blog!

Ever since we went traveling a few years ago, we're hooked and can't stop thinking about new escapades. We're in a constant search for opportunities to travel forever. Just like everyone, we're short on money. Travel can be as cheap as you want it to be, they say.

Lobke and Inge in Machu Picchu

Who are we?

We're Lobke and Inge, a regular gay couple. While working full time and trying to save some money, travel is always in the back of our minds. The urge to explore new land and discover the gems of the world is bigger than ever. We need to roam the earth. This blog is all about that venture. You can read stories about our past travels and tips and tricks we learned on the road. We might even inspire you. We're hoping to help many other dreamers who crave the relaxed and exploring lifestyle.

About Lobke

Lobke is a spontanious and happy girl from Belgium. She loves meeting people and experiencing new things. In Belgium, she's working as a visual merchandiser in retail. Her eyes are designed to see through chaos and create beautiful compositions. When traveling, she's a nomad and wanderer. 

About Inge

I was born and raised in Belgium too. My parents took me on some motorbike trips through Europe when I was a kid. Travel has always intrigued me. But I also love technology, photography and writing.

About Lobke and Inge

We’re a couple since 2010 and have had the best times together. While being very different, we complement each other perfectly. We look at things in different ways and acknowledge that as an asset. When traveling, we thrive as a couple. It’s more exciting and engaging to be there for each other when you’re actually looking out for someone. There is a need to talk and deliberate over decisions and this evolves into a better knowledge of your partner. We’re a perfect team on the road.

Lobke and Inge in Tulum
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How we got to where we are now

In 2012 we escaped our jobs, after saving up, planning and selling all of our stuff. We took a year off and flew to Central America. Before we’d taken some smaller trips, but this was our real trigger to keep traveling forever. Slowly, we made our way through Central and South America and experienced the most memorable year of our life. Being back in Belgium, we could never find ease again. We missed that feeling of really being alive and experience life to the fullest. The travel bug had infected us pretty bad. We enjoyed the exploring, the bumping into old and new friends, and the ever changing circumstances and surroundings. There had to be a way to travel more, much more.

Where we want to go....

  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Vietnam
  • Japan

Only Once Today’s Travel Map

Golden Week in Beijing
Horseback Riding in Patagonia

How we prefer to travel

Our travel style includes public transportation, cheap accommodation and avoiding the masses. For shorter trips, we occasionally use tour companies, because time isn’t always on our side. In the end, nothing beats independant travel. We carry our own stuff and rely on others to get from place to place. Using public transportation allows us to explore and be completely submerged in the local culture. Traveling like a local can show you a world that can’t be seen in a tourist bus. We usually sleep in hostels, AirBnB’s or couchsurf. In the future we plan to WorkAway. To read about our other future plans: read our bucket list here

    Why we travel

    • the feeling of complete freedom
    • the adventure
    • finding comfort outside of our comfort zone
    • meeting interesting people from all over the world
    • really getting to know another culture
    • enjoying the beauty of nature

    Why we talk about it

    • share our experiences with you
    • hopefully causing a smile here and there
    • inspiring people to live life as a free soul
    • making a successful blog
    • maybe partially fund our travels
    Lobke and Inge in Croatia

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